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About Bergen

About Bergen

Why Go on a Tour of Bergen

If Norway has made its way onto your bucket list, make the best of your trip by adding a Bergen tour to your itinerary. Beautifully located on the western coast of Norway, this city welcomes everyone, travelers looking for busy streets and those in search of the most breathtaking natural sights. It's not without reason that Bergen is called the "gateway to the fjords", the "city of 7 mountains" (though there are more), and the "city of culture"!

Bergen, Norway is characterized by its surrounding mighty mountains, stunning fjords, some of nature's most impressive waterfalls, and fascinating history. Therefore, your journey to this picturesque city won't be complete without a trip to the Mountain Fløyen, a beautiful day tour to Bryggen, and a taste of a classic moreish cinnamon bun "Skillingsboller" for which Bergen is famous for.

No exploration would be complete without a Bergen fjord tour, a trip to the top of Mount Fløyen is suggested for all visitors. Once at the top, you will enjoy the panoramic views over the city and harbor, its magnificent fjords and surrounding landscapes. You can also meet mysterious creatures along the way in Troll Forest! You can walk, run, bike your way to the top, or take the funicular, which is a pleasant experience in itself.

A visit to Bryggen, a historic harbor district, is another must in your Bergen itinerary. This UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its colorful wooden houses, rebuilt following a fire in 1702, narrow streets, cobblestone alleys, and waterfront facades.

You will also find numerous studios and workshops, which, considering that Bergen is statistically one of the wettest cities in Europe, are perfect to be explored even on a rainy day.

Top 3 Things to Do in Bergen

  • Admire the colorful wooden houses on the old wharf, Bryggen
  • Ride the Floibanen funicular for outstanding panoramic views
  • Explore the majestic fjords in the surroundings of Bergen
All Attractions in Bergen

All Attractions in Bergen

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