Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

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About Berlin

About Berlin

Why Go on a Tour of Berlin

Best known for its turbulent history, the capital of Germany, glorious Berlin, boasts so many sights and attractions that they are difficult to count.

Being one of the liveliest and welcoming cities in Europe, Berlin can satisfy all travel tastes and wishes, starting from rich historic heritage, embodied in monuments and diverse museums, and finishing with posh boutiques and trendy clubs and bars, enthralling the youth.

So why is Berlin a real catch for your Germany travel itinerary? The German capital is the trove of outstanding landmarks imbued with an impressive history that won't leave you unemotional.

Follow the traces of the tragic World War II, exploring the legendary edifice of Reichstag to see the symbolic inscriptions left by Soviet soldiers after the capture of Berlin, as well as the famous Berlin Wall which once served as a barrier that physically and ideologically divided the citizens of the city to two parts.

Continue your acquaintance with Berlin history on the Museum Island by the Spree River that brought together 5 outstanding museums, all part of the Berlin State Museum. Moreover, your Berlin trip may be enriched even more by popping in the numerous modern galleries and art spaces, exploring bizarre street art, taking part in the interesting events and, in whole, just plunging into the customs and lifestyle of the locals.

Thus, you may couple your historic sightseeing with visits to such urban locations as Potsdamer Platz and the beautiful Tiergarten, the shopping districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, and unusual museums like the Urban Nation and the Spy Museum. For sure, Berlin is rightly considered to be a dream destination for many travelers from all over the world.

Looking for an opportunity to see more of many-sided Europe? Then you should know that you can easily continue your journey in Czechia thanks to the fast Berlin to Prague train running directly between these spectacular cities.

Top 3 Things to Do in Berlin

  • Stop by the famous Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag
  • Enjoy the street art gallery of the Berlin Wall
  • Taste the traditional food of Berlin, currywurst
All Attractions in Berlin

All Attractions in Berlin

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