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About Esbjerg

About Esbjerg

Why Go on a Tour of Esbjerg

If you have already visited beautiful Copenhagen and Aarhus, it makes sense to continue your Denmark exploration by visiting vibrant Esbjerg. The fifth largest city in the country, Esbjerg is the energetic and buzzing hub located in the west of the Jutland Peninsula.

Founded just in 1868 as an important port, today Esbjerg is one of the largest industrial cities in Denmark. If you start your acquaintance with the city of Esbjerg arriving by sea, you'll be met by four white statues, looking at the waterfront with hope and thoughtfulness.

The city's symbol "Men at Sea" was created by Svend Hansen to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Esbjerg and is an absolute must-see during your Esbjerg trip.

Despite the fact that the city is comparatively young, it boasts some more interesting attractions.

Wonderful Esbjerg houses an impressive bunch of various museums like the Esbjerg Museum with an exposition telling the local history; the Fisheries and Maritime Museum; the Esbjerg Art Museum with a great exhibition of modern and contemporary art.

The beautiful waterfront promenade, cozy pedestrian streets, and fascinating landscape are conducive to long unhurried walks. One more nice thing to mention about Esbjerg is that the city is surrounded by the unique complex of the Wadden Sea National Park, making it the ideal point to experience the beauty of Danish nature.

Plus, coming to Esbjerg in mid-August, you may catch the chance to enjoy a nine-day extraordinary spectacle on the main square, Torvet, during which musicians from around the world please the audience with their virtuosity. Ready for an Esbjerg journey of your own?

Top 3 Things to Do in Esbjerg

  • Take a photo near the hallmark statues "Men at Sea"
  • Have fun feeding seals in the Fisheries and Maritime Museum
  • Taste Esbjerg's traditional dish "fiskefrikadeller" cod fish
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