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About Flam

About Flam

Why Go on a Tour of Flam

If you wish to see the most charming place in Norway, consider paying a visit to Flam, a tiny village in central Norway, located in a spectacular setting beside Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord not only in Norway but in entire Europe.

Most often Flam is seen as a gateway rather than a place to linger and is best known for the spectacular Flam railway, the scenic train journey you need to take to get to the town. The Flamsbana railway journey usually starts in Myrdal, the train takes you down to Flam via Sognefjord, and steep, as well as the narrow and green Flam valley, then down to the very bottom of the Aurlandsfjord, before arriving at Flam station.

During this train journey, you witness one thundering waterfall after another and make plenty of stops at the most scenic spots, including a full stop at the mighty Kjosfosse Waterfall. Tourists can discover this dramatic "Flamsbana" any time of the year, spring and summer grant travelers with nice weather, waterfalls rushing down the mountains, greenery, and longer days.

However, when it comes to Flamsbana, winter is an equally a stunning time to go as well. During the winter months, you can get a taste of different scenery, winding through tunnels and passing frozen waterfalls, valleys packed in snow, and quiet winter landscapes. Can it sound more magical?

Moreover, while in Flam, you should visit the famous Aegir BrewPub and taste one of the most famous local crafted beers, Aegir, that has gained international fame.

So, if you have Norway on your travel plans, add on a Flam trip that will take you through most stunning fjords and mountain peaks. If you already started piecing together your Norway itinerary, don’t miss out on the Flam railway, it is definitely a journey unlike any other!

Top 3 Things to Do in Flam

  • Take an unforgettable ride on the legendary Flam railway
  • Explore the stunning Norwegian nature and majestic fjords
  • Treat yourself to a traditional Viking Plank in Flam
All Attractions in Flam

All Attractions in Flam

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