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About Geiranger

About Geiranger

Why Go on a Tour of Geiranger

Are you among those who've always wanted to but never had enough courage to drift away from the hustle of the vibrant cities and immerse into the wild corners of our planet? Turn off the beaten path to experience the true spirit of untouched Norway nature in the tiny Geiranger village. Be sure, your stay in such a fantastic destination at the head of the famous Geirangerfjord will become a special experience to remember.

Set gracefully in one of Norway's most scenic locations, the Geiranger village is surrounded by the crystal clear emerald waters of Geirangerfjord, majestic snow-capped mountains, and stunning cascade waterfalls, offering amazing opportunities to catch exceptional natural views and discover local wildlife at its best.

Speaking about the most captivating natural phenomena, the true must-visit during any Geiranger tour is the gorgeous waterfall called the Seven Sisters, falling down from the height of up to 250 meters (820 ft). Those planning a cruise across the fjord (which is an absolute must as well) should witness another waterfall called the Suitor. And to top the list of waterfalls, there's one more giant the Bridal Veil, located west from the Sisters and tumbling down from the height of 300 meters (985 ft).

The village of Geiranger is also a gateway to the famous Briksdal Glacier, set between high peaks. Being an arm of the largest glacier in continental Europe, Jostedalsbreen, this natural masterpiece is a great example of how powerful our mother nature is, a trip here is surely a Geiranger sightseeing highlight!

Moreover, the Geiranger village boasts several outstanding viewpoints aka nice spots for a memorable fjord photo session in case you want to capture the inspiring Norwegian beauty from different angles.

However, if simple contemplation is not enough for you, head to the Norwegian Fjord Center, containing unique exhibits of local culture and telling the history of the UNESCO World Heritage, Norwegian fjords.

Top 3 Things to Do in Geiranger

  • Get inspired by the untouched beauty of Geirangerfjord
  • Take a day trip to the majestic Briksdal Glacier
  • Discover the roaring waterfalls in Geiranger surroundings
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