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About Granada

About Granada

Why Go on a Tour of Granada

The gem of southern Andalusia region, Granada is a one-of-a-kind city, where Catholicism and Islam perfectly coexist both in architecture and in everyday life.

Set gracefully in the picturesque area at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, the rightly bears the title of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

It is simply mind-blowing that the history and culture of Granada can be traced back over 2 thousand years! During this period, it was inhabited by Iberian tribes and Romans, saw the times of the Arab invasion and domination, got through the "Reconquista", and managed to preserve all this precious legacy till the present days.

The epoch of Arab reign imposed an indelible mark on the architecture and culture of Granada. So the number one sight you can’t miss during your Granada travel is the splendid Arabian palace, Alhambra.

This striking complex with ornamented houses, towers, a stunning fortress and palace, surrounded by a huge garden, is a great place to hide from the Andalusian heat and get a better understanding of the local culture.​

However, the treasures of Granada are not limited only by the lush palace. You may enrich you Andalusia tour by seeing the Renaissance Cathedral of the Incarnation, an important historical monument dedicated to the victory of Catholic Spain over the Arab conquerors, or to feel the special vibe of the city, heading to the medieval Moorish quarter Albaicín, now a bohemian district of writers and artists full of lovely whitewashed houses and cozy tapas bars.

Top 3 Things to Do in Granada

  • Explore the ancient citadel of the UNESCO-listed Alhambra
  • Stroll ancient cobblestone streets in the Albaicin district
  • Taste the Moorish local treat Plato Alpujarreño
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