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Why Go on a Tour of London

Often referred to as the Foggy Albion, the legendary capital on the Thames River, majestic London is probably Europe's leader in terms of contrasts and diversity. Having preserved the spirit of the good old England, the vibrant metropolis manages to harmoniously combine centuries-old traditions and the pride of national character with the intertwining cultures, languages, and lifestyles. Just setting foot on London streets, you immediately realize that the city is all about freedom of thought and expression.

Despite the fact that London counts around two thousand years of its history (going back to the Celtic and Roman times), the city's architecture keeps almost no evidence of its advanced age, mainly boasting edifices not older than 400 years. However, it doesn't prevent London from being the appetizing aim for travelers from every corner of the world as your London itinerary will be saturated in any case!

Having been glorified by the world-famous writers and poets, singers and artists, the capital of Great Britain is the city you can never get enough of. Whether you experience the renowned classic like the iconic "Big Ben", Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, or have a walk around the royal Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, or enjoy a tour of the major London museums like the British Museum, the Tate Gallery, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum, or have a ride on the London Eye, you won't be able to not fall for this city.

In fact, London is so rich in its outstanding legacy that only one London tour won't be enough to see the whole list of must-sees. But be sure, the bustling traffic with red double-deckers here and there, the mist of the majestic Themes, the shades of medieval towers and castles against the background of the towering skyscrapers and iconic red phone booths of the city will make you want to come back again and again.

Top 4 Things to Do in London

  • Stop by the mighty city-symbol, Big Ben
  • Take a picture by the gorgeous Buckingham Palace
  • Explore the imposing Westminster Abbey
  • Enjoy the best city views from the London Eye

United Kingdom tour packages featuring London

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Can't decide which country to see: England, Scotland or Ireland? Why not explore the highlights of all three during one all-embracing private tour? The program can include any places to your liking as it is tailored around your preferences.

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Treat yourself with a saturated tour of the two brilliant capitals, cosmopolitan London and sparkling Paris. Dive into the lifestyle of both metropolises and fall in love with the aristocratic charm of England and the spoiling chic of France during your private tour with professional guides and impeccable service along the way.

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