Savonlinna, Finland

Savonlinna, Finland

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About Savonlinna

About Savonlinna

Why Go on a Tour of Savonlinna

Often described as a nature lovers paradise, Savonlinna is one of the most rewarding destinations that one can include to the itinerary of Finland.

Savonlinna is located in the middle of the Saimaa Lake Region, a winding labyrinth formed of thousands of islands and vast waters. It is a perfect place to go to see the pure nature of Finland and to learn more about its rich history.

Among the main highlights of this town is its impressive 15th-century medieval Olavinlinna Castle, built on an island connecting 2 lakes.

Once constructed to protect the Savo region from foreign forces, now this stone Savonlinna castle is home for various historic artifacts and exhibitions presenting the history of the castle, archaeological findings, and religious attributes.

One time a year, the castle becomes a magical place for all opera lovers, as it hosts an annual Savonlinna opera festival every July!

The attractions are not limited to only the castle. You can enrich your Savonlinna itinerary by going to a museum of old ships and examining real ancient vessels, visiting Tuomiokirkko, the cathedral and the main church of Savonlinna, or enjoying the nature, such as the Kasinonsaaret islands. Let's not forget a small but very picturesque island, Sulosaari. And, of course, explore the lake Saimaa, go fishing, hiking, or try to find a very rare Ringed Seal!

Top 3 Things to Do in Savonlinna

  • Enjoy Finish picturesque nature in the countryside
  • Have a relaxing walk or a bike expedition by Lake Saimaa
  • Touch history when exploring the Savonlinna castle
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