St. Moritz, Switzerland

St Moritz, Switzerland

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About St. Moritz

About St. Moritz

Why Visit St. Moritz, Switzerland

Surrounded by the Alps, one of the most famous and exclusive resorts, the city of St. Moritz attracts nature and winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world. St. Moritz is connected with Zurich by a very scenic train route, so on your way here, you for sure will be enchanted by amazing Swiss landscapes. Being a favorite place of the rich for many years, St. Moritz still boasts a unique luxurious atmosphere.

This resort is a perfect place for all ski and skate lovers. St. Moritz hosted numerous bobsledding and ski world cups and even the Winter Olympics twice in its history. Moreover, besides traditional winter sports, travelers can experience different kinds of summer activities.

Do you know why the Sun is the main symbol of this unique city? Thanks to its beneficial location, the capital of Alps gets about 322 sunny days a year!

During your St. Moritz trip we highly recommend to treat yourself with local Engadine walnut tart. The recipe of this authentic desert has been passed on from one generation to another. Don’t miss a chance to try this delicious caramel wonder!

If you are looking for an unusual drinking experience you should definitely visit the bar by the Hotel am Waldsee which is known as Devil’s place. This iconic place, a holder of Guinness Record, possesses a collection of up to 2500 kinds of whiskey.

Whether you’d like to indulge the charm of local culture, try different kinds of summer and winter sports or just let yourself be mesmerized by scenic nature as St. Moritz is a perfect addition to any Switzerland journey!

Best Things to Do in St. Moritz, Switzerland

  • Experience local winter and summer sports
  • Enjoy enchanting mountain landscapes
  • Try local traditional desert Engadine walnut tart
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