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Things to Pack Before You Travel

Visas to Europe

What to pack for your trip to Europe

So, your perfect European vacation is around the corner and you're already packing your bags, but you get the feeling that there's something you may be forgetting, right?

To be sure that you're all set to go, we've put together a detailed checklist of things you should take with you when going abroad.

Below you can find handy tips of items which you might need for your upcoming Europe travel.



Check your travel documents


  • Passport & ID - The most important thing you must have with you is your passport. You will not be able to travel to a foreign country without it. Make sure it's valid and be positive that citizens of your country aren't required to have a visa to the country you are traveling to, this way you'll avoid an unpleasant travel experience. You can find out more here about Passports and Visas.
  • Medical Insurance - A health insurance certificate that is valid overseas is another obligatory document to have with you. Familiarize yourself with the cases your insurance covers while you're abroad as well as what to do in an emergency before you go.
  • Tickets & Vouchers - Do your best to keep these organized. Have your tickets, booking confirmations, and vouchers on your mobile device or, even better, print them out and place them in one file or folder.


Don't forget your money and cards

Money & Cards

  • Cash - Good old cash is always a good idea. You may get the currency of the European country you're going to prior to your trip or exchange USD upon arrival. For example, most countries in Europe use Euros, Russia has Rubles, Norway uses Norwegian Krones, etc.
  • Cards - When it comes to payment options it's good to know that credit cards may not be accepted in all places in Europe. For this reason, to be on the safe side chose in favor of bringing your debit cards on your trip. You can read more about money and payments in the Europe Travel Tips.


Mobile Phones & Chargers

Electronic Devices

  • Mobile Phone & Camera - A trip to Europe wouldn't be complete without a good camera to capture all your highlight moments! Plus, you'll need to stay in touch while you're away, so make sure to take your cell phone, or whichever other devices you need, i.e. tablet, iPod, laptop, etc.
  • Battery Chargers - Don't forget your chargers and power cables. Some people even prefer to pack small power banks to have a portable power supply at hand.
  • Plug Adaptor - Keep in mind that there are 220-volt electric plugs in Europe for two pins that are round, so you will definitely need an adaptor to charge the devices you're bringing with you on your trip. You can get one when you arrive or, better, back at home beforehand.


Take your medication

Medical Kit

  • Prescribed Medication - If you take any medication on a regular basis make sure to have enough for your entire trip. Trust us, you'd surely like to avoid the hustle and bustle of running around European pharmacies in search of what you need, plus not all medication will be available without a prescription and a visit to a local doctor on the spot may be costly.
  • First Aid - It never hurts to have a small kit with first aid materials and medicine. Aspirin, band-aids, nausea and stomach ache pills are a required minimum.


Pack your carry-on wisely

Things to put in your carry-on

  • Inflatable travel pillow - Long-haul flights may be exhausting so it's best to have things to keep you comfortable during your flight.
  • Pen & Napkins - Take a pen as you might be asked to fill out Immigration Forms. Having napkins and wet wipes also helps.
  • Fragile things - Place eyeglasses and other small items which can be easily broken in your carry-on. Same applies for any jewlery you're taking with you.
  • Other - See points 1-4, it makes sense to put many of the things mentioned above in your hand baggage, especially your documents, money, and valuables, as there exists a small chance that your large checked-in luggage may get lost.


Packing tips

Packing tips

  • Travel light - Perhaps, the best advice when it comes to packing your luggage. Do your best not to take too much stuff as in most cases it'll be unnecessary. Remember that you will actually need to carry your luggage several (or many times if you have numerous destinations on your agenda), so do yourself a favor and think ahead when deciding what to take and what not to.
  • Comfortable walking shoes - Regardless of the time of the year of your trip, a pair of good comfortable shoes is a must. You'll most likely be doing a lot of walking and many European cities have cobblestone old towns.
  • Clothes suitable for the season - Choose the clothing you take with you wisely and check the weather before you set off on your trip. This way, after doing some outside-temperature related research, you’ll be prepared.

We hope that this was helpful! Don't hesitate to read more on the subject on our Europe Travel Tips page and feel free to contact our expert travel specialists if you still have unanswered questions about your future tour to Europe.