7 Best Cities to Visit in Russia


Unlike any other country in the world, genuine Russia boasts an impressive number of historic cities, remarkable landmarks, an idyllic countryside, and unique activities. In fact, Russia has so many mind-boggling spots that it's no wonder that creating a comprehensive Russia itinerary can become a real challenge. In case you've already made up your mind and started planning a trip to Russia, we'd like to give you some recommendations about the top must-visit Russian cities.

1. Awe-Inspiring Moscow
Moscow, Russia

The vibrant heart of Russia, unsurpassed Moscow, is the metropolis that you definitely can’t miss during your upcoming Russia tour. Being the city of striking contrasts, Moscow ideally combines huge futuristic business centers and modern shopping districts with outstanding historic landmarks, royal gardens, and tiny old courtyards, radiating a truly unique vibe and striking travelers’ imaginations.

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2. Artistic St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, Russia

Often referred to as the Northern capital of Russia, magnificent Saint Petersburg is just unmatched in its grandeur. The city of bizarre palaces and gorgeous cathedrals, lavish parks, water canals, and world-class museums symbolizing the history and culture of the country as brightly as the capital city, Moscow.

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3. Enigmatic Kazan
Kazan, Russia

Often referred to as the third capital of Russia, stunning Kazan is a real treasure trove of the Tatarstan region, boasting its unique traditions, breathtaking UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites, like the scenic Kazan Kremlin, and incredibly tasty local delicacies (such as chak-chak).

4. Vibrant Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk, Russia

The world's record holder in terms of the fastest growth according to the Guinness Book of Records, Novosibirsk is renowned for its impressive galleries and theatres, spacious green parks and avenues, and, of course, its peaceful atmosphere which makes travelers return to Novosibirsk over and over again.

5. Picturesque Irkutsk
Irkutsk, Russia

Nestled by the shores of gorgeous Lake Baikal just in the heart of the Siberian expanses, Irkutsk is the city of Russia's great explorers, an important junction on the world's longest Trans-Siberian railway, as well as one of the best places in Russia to immerse in traditional Russian architecture and the wonderful nature of Siberia.

6. Scintillating Vladivostok

The largest city of Russia's Far East, Vladivostok plays an important role in the country's life due to its beneficial location close to the leading eastern states like China and Korea. Apart from the symbol of Vladivostok, the Golden Bridge over the picturesque Golden Horn Bay (providing great photo opportunities), the city is famous for its gorgeous Transfiguration Cathedral and S56 Submarine Museum.

7. Unmatched Ekaterinburg

The capital of the Ural region, glorious Ekaterinburg is a merge of urban lifestyle and fascinating historical heritage. Notorious for being the place of the Romanov family execution, Ekaterinburg also boasts a number of outstanding sights for you to discover, including the Ganina Yama complex and Ascension Church.