6 Best Cities to Visit in the UK


Shrouded in stories and myths, strewn with ancient castles and landmarks, boasting stunning countryside landscapes and natural wonders, the United Kingdom is, indeed, a unique place to spend your vacation in. To tell the truth, one trip is just negligible as this special country deserves a deep and saturated exploration.
To make your UK tour as remarkable as it can be, we are glad to present you with a list of the most iconic British cities, breathing with history and alluring thousands of adventurous travelers from all over the world.

1. Glorious London
London, United Kingdom

Often referred to as the Foggy Albion, the legendary capital on the Thames River, majestic London is probably Europe's leader in terms of contrasts and diversity.

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2. Stunning Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, located in its Central Belt, is a place rich in history and cultural heritage, as well as outstanding tourist attractions. Also famous for its wide range of festivals (from film, art and music to science and books) it is yet another city full of action and lively people. And if you're interested in day trips from Edinburgh - you will not be dissapoited.

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3. Vibrant Bath
Bath, United Kingdom

Located in Southwest England, Bath was first established as a thermal spa and nowadays it carries the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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4. Enchanting York
York, England, United Kingdom

For those, interested in history and its legacy, old authentic cities, and traditional delicacies, York is a must see while in England.

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5. Picturesque Inverness
Inverness, Scotland

With its beautiful landscape, numerous landmarks and different events, Inverness in the United Kingdom attracts a growing number of tourists each year.

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6. Fascinating Fort William
Fort William, Scotland

Situated on the eastern shore of Loch Linnhe in the Scottish Highlands, Fort William is also known as the outdoor capital of the United Kingdom.

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