Denmark: Top 5 Places to Visit


The homeland of the Vikings has much to offer globetrotters, this European country boasts inspiring cities, interesting museums, gorgeous nature, and uncountable attractions worth visiting. On this page, we've put together recommendations on which outstanding Denmark cities to add to your travel plans.

1. Indescribable Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital city of the happiest country in the world sounds like a great place to spend a few days during your Scandinavian adventure, right? Well, we truly believe that Copenhagen in Denmark is a must-visit destination even on its own.

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2. Charming Odense
Odense, Denmark

The fourth-largest city in Denmark, Odense is often referred to as an overgrown village and is located on Funen Island. The hub has managed to keep its old village charm and remains among the most favorite destinations of Danes and visitors from around the globe.​

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3. Inspiring Esbjerg
Esbjerg, Denmark

If you have already visited beautiful Copenhagen and Aarhus, it makes sense to continue your Denmark exploration by visiting vibrant Esbjerg. The fifth largest city in the country, Esbjerg is the energetic and buzzing hub located in the west of the Jutland Peninsula. Founded just in 1868 as an important port, today Esbjerg is one of the largest industrial cities in Denmark.

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4. Unique Aarhus
Aarhus, Denmark

Located on the peninsula's east coast, Aarhus has a lot to show in terms of history, art, culture, and nature 'departments'. The 'City of Smiles' is the second largest metropolis in Denmark, and some travelers even prefer it to the capital of Copenhagen.

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5. Historic Roskilde

One of the most ancient Danish cities, Roskilde is set gracefully next to the scenic harbor, just a 30-minute ride from Copenhagen. The Roskilde prime attraction which allures more and more travelers each year is the famous Viking Ship Museum which is a perfect spot to learn more about the lifestyle of the brave Danish seafarers of the past.