France: Top 7 Places to Visit


According to common opinion, France is one of the most romantic countries in the world. Those who have been there at least once would hardly argue as the atmosphere of the authentic French small towns and views of the lavender fields in the countryside are ones to fall in love with. On this page, we've brought together a list of the best cities to visit in France, both for first-timers and avid France travelers, planning a trip abroad.

1. Charming Paris
Paris, France

The city that needs practically no introduction, sparkling and elegant Paris has a strong association with romance, fashion, and glamour. Paris is all about attention to detail and has everything a traveler can dream about.​

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2. Outstanding Avignon
Avignon, France

One of the most beautiful cities of the Provence region in France, Avignon, is a true charm on the banks of the Rhône River which enjoys a privileged location among the other cities of the country.

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3. Unparalleled Rouen
Rouen, France

Set on the banks of the Seine, Rouen is considered to be the gem of northern France due to its incredible architecture and rich past. The streets of Rouen can be called a real open-air museum of Gothic architecture with beautifully preserved fachwerk houses, refined facades, and sharp spires.

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4. Historic Bayeux
Bayeux, France

The ancient Norman town of Bayeux is located in France just near the sea and the English Channel. Being a comparatively small yet charming French hub, Bayeux has been playing one of the leading roles in the history of the region since ancient times.

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5. Marvelous Nice
Nice, France

Gem of the French Riviera, the breathtaking city of Nice is among the most favored cities set on the Mediterranian coast of France. The town's Art Deco architecture, museums, and palaces are among the top reasons to pay the town a visit. What is more, the microstate of Monaco is located nearby and makes for a great day trip.

6. Glorious Amboise
Amboise, France

The undescribable city of Amboise is, perhaps, the best city in France for exploring chateaus. Set by the heart of the Loire Valley, the city's Royal Chateau d'Amboise is a marvel, other gorgeous palatial complexes (such as the Chateau de Chenonceau or the Chateau de Chambord) are also in proximity to the town.

7. Breathtaking Bordeaux
Bordeaux, France

The hometown of signature French wine, Bordeaux, is rightfully labeled as the capital of the famous wine-making region. The city itself is no less impressive than the stretching vineyards and historic cellars surrounding it. As such, the old town of Bordeaux has much to offer globetrotters, including the Place de la Bourse.