6 Best Cities to Visit in Italy's Sicily


The tip of the Italian "boot" and the country's largest island, in general, is a real catch for globetrotters. Scenic coastlines and extensive beachlines, dozens of heritage-wealthy towns big and small, mouthwatering local cuisine, and no less impressive natural wonders, such as the Mount Etna Volcano or the Scala dei Turchi Cliffs - what's not to love? In this list, we bring you the most beautiful cities in the Italian island of Sicily worth adding to your Italy travel plans.

1. Picturesque Palermo
Palermo, Italy Gallery

The Mediterranean pearl, Sicilian Palermo, is one of the warmest cities in Europe, known for its tasty street food, fascinating architecture, and markets.

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2. Outstanding Agrigento
Agrigento, Italy

Situated near the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by ruins, Agrigento is one of the oldest and most famous towns in Sicily.

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3. Marvelous Taormina
Taormina, Italy

Picturesque Taormina is one of the oldest towns of eastern Sicily, located by the foot of the tallest volcano in Europe called Mount Etna.

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4. Fascinating Catania
Catania, Italy

Being the gateway to Sicily's Mount Etna volcano, Catania is a perfect starting point for exploring the island. Apart from popular day trips and hikes to the volcano's craters (and exciting wine tastings on the slopes afterward), the city of Catania itself has much to offer: a charming old town, cathedral, and the Ursino Castle to name a few.

5. Astonishing Syracuse
Syracuse, Italy

The Sicilian city of Syracuse is a treasure trove for travelers. This coastal town is among the oldest ones on the island and home to gorgeous architectural wonders from the ancient Greek Theater to the Ortygia Island marvels. Among other top places to check out in Syracuse are the those in Archaeological Park of Neapolis, with the famous Ear of Dionysius.

6. Breathtaking Ragusa
Ragusa, Italy

Beautifully set on hills, the city of Ragusa in Sicily has been broken into two parts as a result of an earthquake. Luckily, its jaw-dropping architecture remained intact to the most, therefore discovering its wonders is simply obligatory when staying in this part of Italy.