Top 5 Cities to Visit in Finland


The unique fusion of serene nature, contemporary trends, unparalleled heritage, and diverse activities make Finland a real tidbit for travelers each year. Below we have put together a list of major cities in Finland that are definitely worth your attention and exploration in case Finland travel is on your vacation agenda.

1. Inimitable Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

If you haven't been to Helsinki in Finland, we bet you haven't seen other parts of the country too, as no journey to this breathtaking destination can be complete without at least a Helsinki walking tour as the Finnish capital has a lot in store.

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2. Magical Rovaniemi

Set in the exceptional Lapland region, the city of Rovaniemi is a getaway to the Arctic as well as an inspiring place to learn more about the authentic Sami culture, see the fairytale Northern Lights, and, to top it all, visit the residence of the one and only Santa Claus.


3. Historic Turku

Being the oldest Finish settlement, Turku has a lot to get you interested and entertained. Boasting quite a rich history, the city has even managed to be the country's capital and preserves a number of interesting landmarks on its territory. Book  Helsinki to Turku train and start planning your journey.

4. Charming Savonlinna
Savonlinna, Finland

Often described as a nature lovers paradise, Savonlinna is one of the most rewarding destinations that one can include to the itinerary of Finland. Savonlinna is located in the middle of the Saimaa Lake Region, a winding labyrinth formed of thousands of islands and vast waters.

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5. Inspiring Punkaharju
Punkaharju, Finland

A great location every traveler should include in their travel plans is Punkaharju in Finland. Have you never heard of this name before? Well, unlike the favorite Finnish cities such as Turku, Tampere, and Helsinki, which charm travelers with their size, history, numerous artistic landmarks, and industrial traditions, the Punkaharju region can take everyone's breath away with only one aspect - nature.

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