Top 8 Best Cities to Visit in Norway


The incredible land of the fjords allures thousands of travelers from all over the world with its indescribable natural beauty and rich history. Gorgeous waterfalls, architecturally wealthy towns, outstanding museums, delicious cuisine, and unique opportunities for outdoor leisure - a trip to Norway is something to remember indeed. On this page, you can find recommendations regarding what to do in Norway when visiting its remarkable cities.

1. The Norwegian Capital, Oslo
Scandinavia, Norway, Oslo

No travel itinerary to Norway could be complete without a tour of Oslo. Besides being home to the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony, held in the Oslo City Hall every year, and boasting the world's largest sculpture park, the capital city has a lot to offer for any type of traveler.

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2. Magnificent Bergen
Scandinavia, Norway, Bergen

If Norway has made its way onto your bucket list, make the best of your trip by adding a Bergen tour to your itinerary. Beautifully located on the western coast of Norway, this city welcomes everyone, travelers looking for busy streets and those in search of the most breathtaking natural sights.

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3. Flamsbana Railway Hub, Flam
Scandinavia, Norway, Flam

If you wish to see the most charming place in Norway, consider paying a visit to Flam, a tiny village in central Norway, located in a spectacular setting beside Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord not only in Norway but in entire Europe.

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4. Gorgeous Alesund
Alesund City Gallery

Considered to be the most beautiful of all charming Norway cities, Alesund is the gateway to the majestic fjords and fancy Art Nouveau style buildings.

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5. Inspiring Balestrand
Balestrand City Gallery

Petite Balestrand is simply a dream destination for nature enthusiasts and one more perfect location to immerse into the breathtaking beauty of Scandinavian fjords.

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6. Gateway to the Fjords, Geiranger
Geiranger Village City Gallery

Set gracefully in one of Norway's most scenic locations, the Geiranger village is surrounded by the crystal clear emerald waters of Geirangerfjord.

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7. Crystal-Clear Voss
Voss, Norway

If you have been to Norway and haven't seen Voss, you should consider taking another Norwegian trip and going there. Voss is a place worth coming back for! The beautiful destination is often referred to as "the Adventure Capital" of the country.

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8. Off-the-Beaten-Path Ulvik
Ulvik, Norway

Welcome to charming Ulvik, a perfect place to enjoy tranquillity and plunge into the grandeur of the untouched Norwegian nature. Set gracefully on the shores of one of the most famous Norwegian fjords, stunning Hardangerfjord, Ulvik is surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountain peaks and primeval forests which create simply amazing postcard-like panoramas.

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