Top 10 Foods to Eat in Germany


Do you still believe that German food only goes down to sausages and beer? Believe us, it most certainly does not! Over the course of history, each region developed its unique food traditions and eating habits which nowadays represent the diversity of German culinary. Offering a great variety of meat dishes and mouthwatering desserts, German cuisine will for sure surprise you! To enrich your German travel and give you an overview of local "must-tastes", we've created a list of the most popular foods in the country. Prepare your knife and fork as your German gastronomic adventure begins!


What to Eat & Drink in Germany

1. German Beer
German Beer

If you hadn't had a stein of local beer, did you really visit Germany? From dry and bitter to the bready and sweet, the German beer scene is definitely a thing to explore. Each region is known for its own unique brew technique, thus tasting this hallmark drink is an absolute "must" for those who want to immerse themselves in the German culture to the fullest. Don't forget to say "Prost!" (the equivalent of the English "Cheers!") when you clink your glasses filled with this refreshing, crisp, and delightful beverage!

2. German Pretzels
German Pretzels

Speaking about German food for Oktoberfest, don't miss the chance to try homemade pretzels that are an ideal match to strong German beer. Soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside, this authentic knot-shaped snack is a traditional appetizer and a great side dish between meals. You can find them in every bakery and on the street stands in different variations: sprinkled with sea salt and seeds or buttered and topped with sugar and cinnamon for a sweet treat.

3. German Dumplings
German Dumplings

Called "Kloesse" in the north and "Knoedel" in the south, dumplings are another German specialty you don't want to miss. There are thousands of receipts for this yummy side dish but one thing is certain: it's the type of German food that is super easy to make as the dough is based on simple ingredients like flour, potatoes, and bread. Although the recipe sounds pretty standard, the flavor of these ball-shaped dumplings, especially with various fillings, won't leave anyone indifferent!

4. Bratwurst

It's no surprise that sausages are ubiquitous in German street food culture. So, make sure to feel like a true German by popping in the nearest snack bar to degust Bratwurst, a type of sausage usually grilled with a crunch and loaded with sweet mustard. According to statistics, 70 million bratwursts are eaten annually only in Berlin! Moreover, throughout Germany, you can try different kinds of sausages like Currywurst, a spicy version, and Blutwurst, which is also known as blood sausage.

5. Sauerbraten

If you are looking for a hearty meal, look no further than Sauerbraten. Best described as slow-cooked pot roast with beef, vinegar, and accompanied by plenty of seasonings and herbs, Sauerbraten is an iconic example of classic German food. The main secret of its unique softness is that meat for Sauerbraten is marinated for days before cooking. Served with sweet-spicy gravy, dumplings, or boiled potatoes, and you are in for an unforgettable German feast! Guten Appetit!

6. Leberkase

It's not a secret that German traditional cuisine focuses on meat. Having lots of fans in the south of the country, Leberkase literally translates as "liver cheese" and is a dish that we strongly recommend having. Simply saying, Leberkase is a kind of meatloaf that is often compared to well-known Bologna sausage. Usually served as a snack, it is made from beef, bacon, or pork mixed with chopped onions and baked in the oven for long hours till forming a beautiful dark brown crust.

7. Spaetzle

It's hard to believe, but Germany has something for vegetarians as well! Meet another trademark dish of local cuisine, tasty Spaetzle. What is actually Spaetzle you ask? These soft and chewy egg noodles are a German alternative to the Italian pasta that originates from the Baden-Wurttemberg state. A little bit savory but also sweet, it can be served alone or coupled with Emmenhalter cheese and fried onions to create an organical mix of flavors. Yum!

8. Stollen

Seeking traditional German food for Christmas? Consider you found what you're looking for! Since the middle ages, Stollen is a popular pastry and an integral part of any Christmas table in Germany. This lush and fragrant bread is richly filled with various kinds of candied fruit, brandy-soaked nuts, and spices like cinnamon and cardamon. The worldwide famous Stollenfest is annually held in Dresden, so make sure to treat yourself with this gastronomic delight, during your Saxony getaway!

9. Black Forest Gateau
Black Forest Gateau

For sugar cravings, follow the popular "coffee and cake" tradition and try the worldwide famous Black Forest gateau, aka Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte. This should be at the top of your gastronomic plans in Germany! The dessert is named after a popular brandy in the Black Forest region, also known as "Schwarzwalder Kirsch". Without a doubt, this chocolate multi-layered cake with whipped cream and maraschino cherries with a hint of legendary liquor will win your heart over!

10. Red Groats
Red Groats

Red groats, or Rote Grutze, is a typical dessert in northern Germany and something you won't regret tasting. Taking advantage of the fresh summer berries, this wonderful dessert is usually made of raspberries, cherries, and black and red currants cooked in their juice with a bit of cornflour for a great thick structure. Traditionally served with vanilla sauce, this sour-sweet fruit pudding also perfectly harmonizes with milk or whipped cream.