Top 10 St. Petersburg Tourist Attractions


Northern Venice, the city of Tsars, the cradle of the Revolution, or Petrograd, glorious Saint Petersburg has numerous names but one thing is certain: the cultural capital of Russia is full of wonders just waiting to be discovered! With its eventful history, majestic palaces, and mesmerizing cathedrals, the imperial center of Russia never fails to impress its guests. You can spend days exploring legendary St. Petersburg attractions as the city is a real art treasury full of countless relics. To guide you a bit around the city, we've created the list of Saint Petersburg sights that can't be left out from your itinerary!

1. Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

Today any visit to the Venice of the North starts with the unique architectural gem and the pride of the city, the Winter Palace, which is beautifully located on the Neva River banks. Housing the biggest art collection on the entire planet, this worldwide famous Saint Petersburg attraction is a masterpiece itself. Explore the treasures of the Hermitage Museum and let yourself get lost among the countless halls, including the majestic Malachite Room and the Great Nicholas Room where many gorgeous balls have taken place.

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2. St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg
St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg

Established as a small wooden church by Peter the Great in 1706, over the course of history St. Isaac's Cathedral turned into the legendary architectural wonder we see today. Nowadays, this outstanding Saint Petersburg sight attracts guests from all over the world with its colorful mosaics, ancient treasures, and elegant interiors, accurately decorated with natural materials. During your visit to the cathedral, save some time to get to the observation deck and appreciate the breathtaking views over the city from the height of 43 meters (141 feet)!

3. Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg
Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg

Another absolute Saint Petersburg must-see is the monumental Peter and Paul Fortress which stands on the tiny Hare Island. It has been symbolizing the power of the city for hundreds of years! At first, the citadel was constructed in 1703 by Peter the Great to fortify the city during the Northern War with Sweden. Today it's is a massive historical complex where the State Museum of Saint Petersburg history and the famous Trubetskoy Bastion are situated. You may also get lucky to hear the fire of the cannon which traditionally announces noon.

4. Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg
Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg

Undoubtedly, one of the most recognizable Saint Petersburg landmarks is the spectacular Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Beautifully located along the Griboedov Canal, the church was created in honor of Alexander II. The cathedral is embellished with countless semiprecious stones including jasper, mountain crystal, topaz, and Italian limestone. Moreover, the Church of the Savior is well-known for housing one of the largest mosaic collections in Europe as about 23.130 square feet of its surface is decorated with mosaics!

5. Peterhof, St. Petersburg
Peterhof, St. Petersburg

If you are wondering how it felt to be royal in Russia, then the Peterhof must be a part of your Saint Petersburg sightseeing itinerary. Deservingly wearing the title "Russian Versailles", Peterhof is the gorgeous residence of Russian Tsars built by Peter the Great in the 20th century. Escape from the rush of the city and explore the legendary UNESCO-listed palace. The complex is full of scattered around the area marvelous statues and world-famous fountains, including the mighty Samson Fountain and the Grand Cascade.

6. Catherine's Palace, St. Petersburg
Catherine's Palace, St. Petersburg

Don't miss the chance to see one of the most popular Saint Petersburg tourist attractions and visit the charming Catherine's Palace (or Tsarskoye Selo). This stunning royal residence is located in Pushkin and stands among the most luxurious palaces in entire Russia! It's no surprise that Empress Catherine is believed to be a perfectionist, the legend says that the building was renovated at least 6 times! The unmissable treasure of the Catherine's Palace is the magnificent Amber Room which is almost entirely adorned with the carved precious stones.

7. Faberge Museum, St. Petersburg
Faberge Museum, St. Petersburg

Everybody has heard about Faberge eggs at least once, right? Carl Faberge created a variety of jewelry but he made history with his one-of-a-kind eggs which were the Easter presents for the members of the Russian imperial family. Over the years, many of the Faberge treasures were lost but you still have a unique opportunity to see some of them with your own eyes! The world's largest collection of Russian Faberge eggs can be found in the Faberge Museum which houses 11 imperial Easter eggs and is an utter Saint Petersburg must-visit.

8. Yusupov Palace, St. Petersburg
Yusupov Palace, St. Petersburg

Fancy to unveil some secrets? Then head to the Yusupov Palace, a mysterious spot that just can't be missed during your Saint Petersburg journey. The walls of the palace tell the story about the Yusupov family and Grigoriy Rasputin who was known for having an impact on the royal family because of his supernatural powers. Not only the dark past of the palace but also its graceful interiors are worth attention. Numerous architects contributed to the creating process of the palace, and the building represents an organical mix of various styles.

9. Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg
Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg

While walking along the vast Nevsky Prospekt stop by the Kazan Cathedral, a magnificent architectural jewel and impressive monument to Russian history. The church got its name after the "miracle-making" icon of Our Lady of Kazan and is well-known as the home for countless religious relics. The enormous semicircular building boasts a massive Corinthian colonnade, a majestic dome, and a lovely garden centered with a fountain. The facades of the Kazan Cathedral are lined with gray Pudozh stone and lavishly decorated with reliefs and statues.

10. Drawing of the Bridges, St. Petersburg
Drawing of the Bridges, St. Petersburg

Looking for other things to do in Saint Petersburg? As a highlight, crown your trip to the city of waterways with witnessing the iconic drawing of the bridges. Shockingly, St. Petersburg has more than 300 bridges of different sizes and styles! Set off on a night adventure and head to one of the four centrally located drawbridges (including the Blagoveshchensky Bridge, the Palace Bridge, the Trinity Bridge, and the Foundry Bridge) to see the legendary performance gathering hundreds of people. Believe us, it's an experience of a lifetime!