Copenhagen: Top 8 Places to Visit


Welcome to the vibrant city of Copenhagen, one of the oldest settlements in Europe with an incomparable royal touch. When it comes to traditional Scandinavian style and delicious cuisine, it's hard to beat this gem of Denmark. With its numerous parks, excellent gastronomy, and fascinating architecture, Copenhagen seems to have it all. Moreover, the city is cloaked with myths and legends about powerful Vikings as this area is believed to be their historical home. Fancy to see the top Copenhagen attractions? To help you to start your exploration of the city, we've created a list featuring the unmissable Copenhagen sights.

1. Nyhavn Harbor, Copenhagen
Nyhavn Harbor, Copenhagen

Nyhavn, or New Port, is the former center of shipping trade and the scenic spot that should be at the top of anyone's Copengahen travel plans. It's no surprise that with its colorful houses, charming wooden boats, and festive atmosphere, this quay was a source of inspiration for many artists and writers, including Hans Christian Andersen. Today, the canal blusters a wealth of restaurants, cafes, and live music venues, scattered around the area, and is often called "the longest outdoor bar in Scandinavia".

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2. Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen
Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Located in the lovely island of Slotsholmen, the Christiansborg Palace is the building of the Danish Parliament which also houses the Prime Minister's office and the Supreme Court all under one roof! The allure of the palace's gorgeous interiors, richly decorated with the Queen's tapestries, makes it an absolute Copenhagen must-see. During your visit, don't miss the opportunity to explore the ruins under the palace to feel the atmosphere of the mysterious Middle Ages!

3. Royal Opera House, Copenhagen
The Royal Opera House, Copenhagen

Are you a modern architecture enthusiast? Then Copenhagen has something special for you. Picturesquely situated on the Holmen Island, the breathtaking Royal Opera House is the unique sight that can't be left out from your Copenhagen itinerary. Besides the amazing acoustics, the interiors of the building won't leave anyone indifferent as well. In the main auditorium, pay attention to the ceiling which is decorated with a 24-carat gold leaf. It's no wonder that the Copenhagen Opera is one of the most expensive opera houses on the planet!

4. Rosenborg Palace, Copenhagen
Rosenborg Palace, Copenhagen

Another unmissable Copenhagen landmark is the Rosenborg Palace established by one of the most famous Danish kings, Christian IV. The dating back to the 17th-century castle boasts well-preserved interiors and impressive collections of royal art treasures, including a great section of the Venetian glass. An absolute jewel of the palace is the majestic Knights' Hall which is beautifully decorated with colorful tapestries, shining chandeliers, and three life-size silver statues of lions "protecting" the throne.

5. Amalienborg Castle, Copenhagen
Amalienborg Castle, Copenhagen

Did you know that the Kingdom of Denmark is one of the world's oldest monarchies? To learn more about the lives of the Danish kings and queens, pop in the majestic Amalienborg Castle. The palace is still inhabited by the members of the royal family, so in the Amalienborg Museum, you can explore not only the elegant interiors of the castle but also discover how it feels to be royal today. If you are lucky, during your visit, you can witness the changing of the royal guards which takes place every day at noon. Believe us, this is a real show!

6. Town Hall Square, Copenhagen
Town Hall Square, Copenhagen

Don't miss the chance to see one of the most popular Copenhagen attractions and visit the charming Town Hall Square. The center of the square is the Copenhagen Town Hall built according to the best traditions of the Scandinavian architecture with a royal touch of the Italian Renaissance. The building is embellished with numerous sculptures and paintings telling stories from the eventful Nordic mythology. As a highlight, save some time to climb 300 steps of the tower and appreciate the breathtaking views over the Tivoli Gardens and the inner city!

7. The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen
The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

Any Copenhagen sightseeing itinerary won't be complete without stopping by the symbol of the city, the Little Mermaid statue. This iconic bronze sculpture was gifted to the city by the brewer Carl Jacobsen and represents the character of the worldwide famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The sculptor, Edvard Eriksen, captured the image of the ballerina Ellen Prince in the statue who had fascinated him with her performance in the ballet "The Little Mermaid".

8. Stroget Shopping Mile, Copenhagen
Stroget Shopping Mile, Copenhagen

Looking for other things to do in Copenhagen? Then head to the Stroget district, the largest shopping and entertainment area in the city. Stretching for a distance of 1.1 kilometers (3608 ft), this pedestrian street is dotted by countless shops for any taste and budget, including such international brands as Max Mara, Louis Vuitton, and many more. Moreover, Stroget is not just the fashion center of Copenhagen but also a popular place to hang out among the locals.