Best Things to Do in Barcelona


The legendary heart of Catalonia which even beats the Spanish capital, Madrid, in terms of the influx of tourists, enchanting Barcelona is undoubtedly worth a closer look during your Spanish adventure. In fact, there are so many remarkable landmarks in Barcelona, that your itinerary just has no chance not to be saturated. For your convenience, we've prepared a list of the most outstanding Barcelona attractions that should definitely make part of your travel plans.

1. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The best example of the fabulous architectural style of Antonio Gaudi, the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia has become a real symbol of the city, opening the list of top Barcelona tourist attractions. Being one of the most famous buildings still under construction (since 1882) doesn't prevent Sagrada Familia from striking people's imagination. Gaudi wanted the Basilica to become a symbol of unity of humans with nature, deriving inspiration from the natural world which explains the use of natural motifs and elements both inside and outside the building.

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2. Park Guell, Barcelona
Park Guell, Barcelona

Continuing the list of Gaudi masterpieces, your Barcelona sightseeing will absolutely be incomplete without paying a visit to the marvelous complex of Park Guell. Created in 1914, this fairytale place will immerse you into the world of bizarre shapes, fancy mosaic tiling, and the myriad of colors. Being intended as a park for Barcelona aristocracy, nowadays Park Guell opens its gates for everyone wishing to have a scenic stroll with artistic taste as well as to enjoy incredible views over Barcelona from its panoramic observation deck. 

3. Gothic Quarter, Barcelona
Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

Speaking about the most atmospheric places to delve into the exciting history of Barcelona, the charming Gothic Quarter has it all to please your eye and satisfy your curiosity. The network of medieval winding streets of the Gothic Quarter preserves a number of wonderful Barcelona sights like ancient palaces and remarkable squares. However, the most outstanding highlight of the old town is, undoubtedly, the Barcelona Cathedral, a majestic 13th-century Gothic cathedral which now serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona.

4. La Rambla & La Boqueria, Barcelona
La Rambla, Barcelona

Going down just parallel to the Gothic Quarter, La Rambla is considered to be the most famous pedestrian street in Barcelona. The three-lined 1.2 km-long (0.75 miles) street connects the Square of Catalonia with the Christopher Columbus Monument, thus leading you to the port. Apart from housing numerous vibrant cafes and shops and being the magnet for street artists, La Rambla is also home to the iconic Boqueria Market, one of the best places in Barcelona to take in the local vibe as well as to get one of the best gastronomic experiences in the city!

5. Montjuic Hill, Barcelona
Montjuic Hill, Barcelona

The glorious Montjuic Hill is, indeed, one of the most beautiful sights of Barcelona housing striking public gardens, several museums, and historic monuments. In case you are interested in art, you just can't overlook the stunning Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya set in an impressive building of the former royal palace. Apart from its spectacular facade and rich collections of inspiring art inside, the building boasts the colorful Magic Fountain situated at its foot so if you plan an evening visit you have a chance to witness an outstanding water show.  

6. Casa Mila, Barcelona
Casa Mila, Barcelona

Walking down the Passeig de Gracia, you are likely to notice a fancy house looking like a stone quarry. Familiar style, isn't it? Of course, the Gaudi style can never be confused with any other. Casa Mila or La Pedrera (how locals usually call it) is the last private residence Antonio Gaudi designed. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Casa Mila is ideally incorporated in the street ensemble, adding it some charm. By the way, Casa Mila is among the top places to visit in Barcelona not only due to its unique facade as it also has fancy interiors open for visitors. 

7. Casa Batllo, Barcelona
Casa Batllo, Barcelona

Moving along the same Passeig de Gracia towards the Square of Catalonia, you came across another Barcelona landmark and Gaudi masterpiece, Casa Batllo. Faithful to his original style, the architect, inspired by the nature of the human body, designed the facade resembling the fragments of bones and skulls. The inside of the house is a marvel of design as well boasting the bizarre use of colors, a play of light and shadow, multicolored tiles as well as a scenic indoor garden and a stunning roof terrace.

8. Ciutadella Park, Barcelona
Ciutadella Park, Barcelona

The true green oasis, charming Ciutadella Park is the biggest Barcelona park. Built in the 18th century on the grounds of a former fortress, the present-day park has nothing to do with military activities, providing a peaceful vibe and being an ideal place for a nice stroll under the shade of palms observing cute green parakeets flying here and there. The main symbol of the park is the beautiful Cascada Fountain resembling the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome. Moreover, the Ciutadella Park borders another Barcelona top attraction, a great zoo.

9. Catalan Music Palace, Barcelona
Palau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona

One more icon of great modernist architecture you can't miss during your Barcelona travel is the colorful Palau de la Musica Catalana (Catalan Music Palace). For over a hundred years this masterpiece building has been a place of musical life of Barcelona as well as a magnet for the cultural elite and everyone wishing to find out more about the local art. So why not to enjoy a great flamenco performance coupled with having a glass of champagne under the fancy sparkling mosaics of the palace's stained-glass ceiling? We see no obstacles either.

10. Tibidabo, Barcelona
Tibidabo, Barcelona

Majestically rising over the city and the neighboring coastline, mount Tibidabo is the last but no the least in our hit-parade of the top attractions in Barcelona. The top of Tibidabo is crowned with the wonderful Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor which is seen from almost every angle in the city. What is more, Tibidabo will be to the taste of not only the lovers of striking panoramas but of the ones who love having fun as the mountain also houses one of Europe's oldest amusement parks! Ready for a mind-blowing experience?