Top 6 Bergen Tourist Attractions


The main goal for most Norway travelers is, without a doubt, admiring the spectacular fjords. And the charming city of Bergen, boasting its proximity to the Sognefjord (the deepest and longest fjord in Norway), can be found on the travel agenda of any Scandinavia enthusiast. But tourists, knowing this lovely city only as a starting point of their Sognefjord discovery, often wonder what to do in Bergen during their stay in the city. If you recognize yourself in this description, don't worry, we have your back, as there are a lot of Bergen sights to explore and landmarks to visit! To help you start your hunt for the city's gems, we've put together this list of the great Bergen attractions you can't miss during your travel.

1. Floibanen Funicular, Bergen
Floibanen Funicular, Bergen

A ride on the Floibanen Funicular is a great way to start exploring the city. Opened in 1918, this Bergen attraction soon gained the love of people from all around the world and became one of the most visited Norway attractions. The funicular starts its way up to the Mount of Floyen in the center of Bergen. After a 6-minute ride, offering to enjoy the breathtaking panoramas over the city, you find yourself at the head-spinning height of 320 m (1050 ft) above the sea. On top of Floyen, you can dine in a great local restaurant or explore the walking trails on the mountain.

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2. Troll Forest, Bergen
Troll Forest, Bergen

Although a Floibanen Funicular ride is a "must" during your Bergen travel, there is another just as exciting way to get back to the city center from the top of the Mount of Floyen. Instead of taking a cable tram back, you can use your two feet and hike back through one of the best places to visit in Bergen, the Troll Forest. What makes it so unique is the wooden troll sculptures, scattered throughout the territory. Following winding tropes, you can truly appreciate the beauty of Norway's nature and your kids (and fellow adults) will love to look for the fairytale creatures.

3. Bryggen, Bergen
Bryggen, Bergen

It's impossible to talk about Bergen sightseeing without mentioning the world-famous wharf, colorful Bryggen. This amazing place is the most popular photo location in Bergen, but it's way more than just a beautiful background for holiday pictures. It's a world's treasure, accommodating the Hanseatic Museum and Schotstuene, allowing to step back in time and finding out what the life of the merchants was like 4 centuries ago. But that's not all, behind the iconic wharf you can find a network of hidden passages, housing numerous cozy shops and art studios!

4. Ludvig Holberg Statue, Bergen
Ludvig Holberg Statue, Bergen

The lovely city boasts plenty of interesting attractions and some of the Bergen top sights can be discovered almost by accident, strolling through the streets. One of them is the Ludvig Holberg Statue, honoring the father of modern Norwegian and Danish literature. This man is one of the few people who truly shaped Norway's cultural heritage and his contribution as a writer, historian, philosopher, and essayist is impossible to overrate. So seeing the statue, commemorating this extraordinary son of Bergen, is a "must" thing to do during your stay.

5. Sailor's Monument, Bergen
Sailor's Monument, Bergen

Right in the heart of the wonderful city is nestled one more Bergen "must-see", the Seamen's Monument, honoring the people who laid down their lives to the sea. Dominating Torgallmenningen Square, this striking statue is one of the most significant compositions in town. Even though the monument is relatively young and can't boast an extensive history, the Sailor's Monument has already become an important Bergen landmark. Admiring the statue, you can see 4 relief panels, depicting the various moments of Bergen's history with the sea as the major character.

6. The Byparken Park, Bergen
Bergen Garden, Bergen

Bergen boasts several beautiful parks and each of them can rightly apply for inclusion in the list of the top Bergen attractions. But if you have time for one visit only, we advise going to spectacular Byparken, located in the center of the city and famous for the beautiful flower beds, impressive statues, picturesque ponds, and, of course, its stylish Music Pavilion. Built in the late 19th-century, now it serves as a popular platform for street entertainers as well as houses various public events, such as the Festival of Light or Norwegian Consitution Day.