Top 9 Cities to Visit in Germany


Speaking of the best cities to visit in Germany we cannot but mention that this unique central European country has much to offer travelers. The allure of winding cobbled streets, the mystery of medieval cathedrals and majestic castles, the rich collections of local museums, and the cosmopolitan spirit that imbues vibrant local cities demonstrate the German lifestyle and traditions like no other. Below you can familiarize yourself with the list of cities in Germany which we recommend visiting to make your German travel itinerary as saturated and memorable as possible.

1. The Fascinating German Capital, Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Best known for its turbulent history, the capital of Germany, glorious Berlin, boasts so many sights and attractions that they are difficult to count. Being one of the liveliest and welcoming cities in Europe, Berlin can satisfy all travel tastes and wishes.

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2. The Bavarian City-Gem, Munich
Munich, Germany

The world’s capital of beer and the magnificent capital of Bavaria, Munich is famed for being the home of the annual festival Oktoberfest and the renowned BMW concern. However, apart from beer and expensive cars, the city definitely has a lot more in store to be visited and loved for.​

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3. Impressive Nuremberg
Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg is a rapidly developing vibrant German city, coexisting hand in hand with the rich history and architectural heritage in the area.

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4. Historic Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Germany

Situated by the River Neckar in south-west Germany, Heidelberg is home to the oldest university in the country, along with baroque buildings and a vibrant cultural scene, creating a melting pot of things to see and places to visit during your Heidelberg tour.

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5. Charming Freiburg
Freiburg, Germany

Boasting marvelous nature, authentic heritage, beautiful architecture, and a bustling lifestyle, Freiburg is the perfect destination for your next visit to Germany.

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6. Multisided Frankfurt
Frankfurt, Germany

The tall modern glass buildings of Frankfurt, intertwined with authentic churches and squares, create a one-of-a-kind contrast, which is best seen from the banks of the River Main or from one of the numerous bridges crossing it.

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7. Unparalleled Augsburg
Augsburg, Germany

Surrounded by beautiful nature and full of architectural heritage, Augsburg is one of the most popular places to visit while in Germany.

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8. Inspiring Rothenburg
Rothenburg, Germany

Exceptional in its historical heritage and authentic architecture, the charming Bavarian city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is like no other in Germany.

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9. Unique Fussen
Fussen, Germany

Located on the southern end of the picturesque Romantic Road, Fussen in Germany has something to offer for any type of traveler.

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