Top 5 Cities to Visit in Sweden


Ask anyone who has been to Scandinavia, Sweden is a marvelous treasure to be explored with your own eyes! The vast territory of the country and unique towns in Sweden, filled with history blended with modernity, offer endless opportunities. Rich natural wonders (like Northern Lights), unique accommodation options (such as tree hotels or ice igloos), top-notch museums (the Vasa Museum alone needs no introduction), incredible heritage (including the legacy of the Vikings), mouthwatering cuisine... The list can go on and on! On this page, we've put together an overview of the best cities to visit in Sweden if your planning a trip abroad.

1. The Glorious Swedish Capital, Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

A first-time visit to Stockholm is bound to be an incredible experience, filled with a mix of history, unique architecture and its best-known landmarks. Being the largest city in Sweden and entire Scandinavia, it boasts a number of must-see sights and interesting museums that you won’t regret adding to your Stockholm itinerary.

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2. Beautiful City-Gem, Gothenburg
Gothenburg, Sweden

The city of Gothenburg is a significant seaport that sits on the country's west coast. Hence, you can already guess what type of food you can try in the street markets, right? Without a doubt, the best seafood in the area, fish and shellfish are the real specialties here.

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3. Charming Swedish City, Malmo
Malmo, Sweden

The third-largest hub in Sweden, Malmo, is a lively port city that literally challenges Scandinavian stereotypes at every nook and corner. Set in the southern and most picturesque region of Sweden, Malmo is the city famed for its outstanding architectural ensemble and marvelous parks and promenades.

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4. Medieval Wonder Town, Visby
Visby, Sweden

One of the coziest corners of Sweden, inspiring Visby, is a true honeypot for the lovers of medieval culture and heritage. Being the capital of the largest island in the Baltic Sea, Gotland, the town attracts with its homelike vibe and unique past, including the Viking background coupled with the influence of the German trading league.

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5. Sweden's University Hub, Uppsala
Uppsala, Sweden

Best recognized as Sweden's leading university town, Uppsala has much to offer travelers. The city's gorgeous Uppsala Cathedral, dating back to the 1400s, is among the top places to put on your sightseeing agenda. Plus, the castles and charming old town are worth beeing seen with your own eyes at least once.