7 Best Cities to Visit in Italy


Being one of the most often visited countries in the world by tourists, Italy has a lot to discover indeed. Its sightseeing riches and incredible legacy, be they natural or cultural, are worth being seen at least once in a lifetime. Of course, the three famous cities in Italy (Rome, Florence, and Venice) deserve your time, yet this glorious country boasts so much more to discover! The indescribable Como and Garda Lakes in the north, the breathtaking Cinque Terre villages on the west coast, the sun-kissed Amalfi gems in the south, not to mention the islands are just the tip of the Italian attractions iceberg. In this piece, we'd like to introduce you to the top cities to visit in Italy to help you plan your trip to Europe.

1. The Eternal City of Rome
Rome, Italy

It is not said in vain that “all roads lead to Rome” as the Italian capital still remains one of the most outstanding marvels in the world. Boasting an amazing more than 2500-year history and once being the capital of the great Roman Empire, the Eternal City has a unique character and plays a crucial role in the life of the state and entire Europe.

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2. Renaissance Florence
Florence, Italy

The capital of the Tuscany region, splendid Florence, is one of the most traveled to gems of Italy. Located at the top of the "bootleg" of the Italian peninsula, the city is famous for its spectacular views and striking cultural heritage.

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3. Romantic Venice
Venice, Italy

One of the most charming cities in the world, fairytale Venice, is a true paradise of romance and a dream destination for many travelers. This fabulous city on water is comfortably set on more than a hundred islands, pervaded by beautiful canals and connected by a myriad of beautiful bridges, which makes Venice one of a kind place in the whole world.

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4. Marvelous Milan
Milan, Italy

Rightly considered the fashion capital of Italy and the whole world, splendid Milan is the metropolis that inspires with its outstanding creativity and centuries-old historical background.

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5. Breathtaking Como
Lake Como, Italy

Set gracefully at the southern tip of the gorgeous Lake Como, the charming city of Como is a true breath of fresh air in the Lombardy region.

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6. Charming Sirmione
Sirmione, Italy

Beautifully set on the shores of the famous Italian Lake Garda, Sirmione is a charming town boasting a rich history and numerous picturesque locations.

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7. Iconic Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast, Italy

For the most scenic views in southern Italy, you definitely should head to the sun-kissed Amalfi Coast. And, for sure, one of the best places to feel the amazing local atmosphere is unmatched Sorrento, a gem of the Amalfi and a perfect resort for those wishing to combine a beach holiday with exploring the stunning nature.

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