Top 9 Helsinki Tourist Attractions


There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with the scenic capital of Finland. It's tricky to name them all, but delicious Scandinavian cuisine that's based on the high-quality season ingredients, hospitable locals that are always ready to give the best advice on what to do in Helsinki, the world-famous Finnish saunas that are a vital part of the region's culture, and, of course, some truly amazing tourist attractions are worthy of being mentioned. Covering all of the Helsinki sights during one trip may be difficult, yet if Finland is on your radar, check out the list of what we think are the most interesting city landmarks!

1. Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki
Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki

Any Helsinki trip should start with the magnificent cathedral, dominating the Senate Square since 1853. For a long time, Finland was part of Russia, known as the "Great Duchy of Finland" and the stunning Helsinki Cathedral was built in honor of Russian Tsar Nicholas I. To please the monarch, the building's main architect, Carl Ludvig Engel, based its design almost entirely on another world-famous cathedral you can find in Saint Petersburg, St. Isaac's Cathedral. That's why this amazing building looks so familiar even if you've never seen it before.

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2. Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki
Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki

Although less known, there is one more cathedral based on a Russian prototype that's worth paying a visit during your Helsinki tour. Meet the 19th-century Uspenski Cathedral and one of the most popular city attractions! Anyone is welcome to explore the beautiful temple, boasting 13 stylish domes, representing Jesus and his 12 Apostles. Typically for any old religious building, the cathedral's interior is lavishly decorated with beautiful icons. What is unusual for a church is an impressive set of fancy chandeliers, hanging over the main altar.

3. National Library, Helsinki
National Library, Helsinki

The National Library of Finland is much more than a dusty place full of old books despite what you might think at first. Yes, maybe its facade is not exactly striking, but wait until you step through its doors! This treasure of Finnish knowledge is a work of art and one of the most memorable Helsinki attractions, boasting a jaw-dropping interior decorated with amazing painted ceilings, elegant figure ornaments, and marble floors as well as more than 109 km (68 mi) of bookshelves and a vast collection, containing more than 3 million books.

4. Amos Rex, Helsinki
Amos Rex, Helsinki

Any list of the tourist attractions you can't miss during your Helsinki visit isn't complete without the outstanding Amos Rex Art Museum. Although it's one of the youngest additions to the city (it officially opened its doors only in 2018), it rapidly became known all around the world and was visited by over 10000 people during the first few weeks. Amos Rex boasts a grand collection of 20th-century art as well as incredible architecture. The museum was built beneath the Lasipalatsi Plaza and from the outside looks like bubbles, emerging from the ground.

5. Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki
Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki

If you are more of a contemporary art enthusiast, we have a suggestion for you too. Although the Kiasma Museum can't boast such an extravagant location as Amos Rex, this creation of glass and steel nevertheless looks very impressive and reminds some kind of ancient sea creature. Its art collection, on the other hand, is in no way inferior to the museum mentioned above. Most works here are masterpieces by talented Finnish artists, so visiting Kiasma is a great way to explore the Finnish cultural heritage during your Helsinki tour.

6. Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki
 Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki

Another amazing museum you should put on your travel agenda is the Finnish Museum of Natural History. It's one of the three national museums in Finland, responsible for showcasing the biological diversity of Finland (and the rest of the world), starting from the Big Bang. The museum is divided into several sections, such as the "History of Life" exhibition, transporting you back to the first signs of life on the planet, or a room, containing several life-sized dinosaur skeletons, one of the kids' all-time favorite attractions in Helsinki.

7. Temppeliaukion Rock Church, Helsinki
Rock Church, Helsinki

Among the Helsinki "must-do" things is checking out the unique Rock Church. The interiors are astonishing! Imagine a place, carved out of solid rock and bathing in the natural sunlight, streaming from under the huge copper dome in the roof. And the rough stone walls are exactly what makes this church a perfect concert hall. Although the original plan didn't include the exposed walls, during constructions the architects realized that the rock walls allow the church to compete with the best music halls in terms of acoustics.

8. Vanhankaupunginlahti Bay, Helsinki
Vanhankaupunginkoski, Helsinki

The scenic Finnish capital is a great place for the nature-lovers, boasting plenty of beautiful Helsinki attractions to explore. One of them is Vanhankaupunginlahti Bay. There is no need to go far to enjoy the atmosphere of the countryside in Helsinki, it's enough to visit the Vikki neighborhood, located only 7 km (4.3 mi) away from the busy city center and easily accessible by public transport. Locals and tourists love this recreation area for its amazing views, fresh air, wide network of hiking trails and cycling paths, and a very calm atmosphere.

9. Haaga Rhododendron Park, Helsinki
Alppiruusupuisto, Helsinki

If you are planning your tour at the beginning of June, the Haaga Rhododendron Park park is definitely a "must-see" in Helsinki. This park was originally as a research station, trying to create new species of rhododendrons that can survive the harsh Finnish climate. But the station was growing bigger and it was decided to open it for the public. Now every summer Haaga greets visitors with an explosion of smells and colors. You can explore its vast collection, using a series of wooden walkways, allowing to admire the views without disturbing the plants.