Top 10 London Tourist Attractions


The United Kingdom is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, offering plenty of things to quench your thirst for adventure. So it's no surprise that the amazing capital of the UK, striking London, can be found on the bucket list of any travel-enthusiast. The beautiful city offers so many incredible sights to explore, that choosing what to do in London during your getaway seems like an impossible decision. To help you plan an England vacation of your dreams, we've gathered some of the London "must-sees" that feel essentially British and that, hopefully, will have the pride to be placed on your London travel agenda.

1. Palace of Westminster & Elizabeth Tower, London
Palace of Westminster & Elizabeth Tower

It's hard to find a better place to start your London sightseeing than the well-known symbol of the city, the Houses of Parliament. Once a royal palace, it is still the place where the history of Great Britain is being written as well as one of the most recognizable places in the UK's capital. The interior of the building is just as impressive and luxurious as its elegant facade. But if you think that the Palace of Westminster is all work and no play, you are wrong. Inside, you can find a hair salon, rooftop hideaway, gym, post office, and even a pub.

2. Westminster Abbey, London
Westminster Abbey, London

There is no need to go far in search of another iconic London attraction as the impressive Westminster Abbey is only a couple of minutes away. This amazing church is living history that doesn't need any introduction. For over 100 years, the abbey was part of the UK's history turning points. The Westminster Abbey witnessed 39 coronations (including the one of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) and 17 royal weddings. Also, this sanctuary is a burial place of 17 British monarchs as well as Sir Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, and Charles Darwin.

3. Tower Bridge, London
Tower Bridge Road, London

Almost just as a widely recognized symbol of the UK's capital as Big Ben, the Tower Bridge is definitely one of the London sights you don't want to miss during your British getaway. Looking grand and timeless, this impressive 120-year-old bridge over the Thames River was intentionally designed to look older than it is to match the nearby tower of London. If you are looking for the head-spinning views and don't mind an adrenaline rush once in a while, you can cross the bridge via one of the high-level walkways with a glass floor.

4. Tower of London, London
Tower of London, London

Home to the Crown Jewels of England, the magnificent Tower of London is a "must" stop during any London trip. It was built over 1000 years ago and there is an interesting superstition featuring the famous castle. It states that "the Kingdom will fall if the ravens leave the Tower". Although there are no reasons suggesting that it's anything more than an old Victorian legend, as we all know it's better to be safe than sorry. Nowadays, there is a rule that at least 6 ravens have to be kept in the Tower of London at all times.

5. Buckingham Palace, London
Buckingham Palace, London

Located in the heart of London, the stylish official residence of the monarch deserves an honorable place in the list of London "must-sees". But the royal family are not the only occupants of the beautiful palace, there are over 800 staff members living under its roof. When her majesty is away (usually during the July - September months) travelers are allowed to enter the luxurious State Rooms of the mansion. But even if your London trip is scheduled for another time, you can always enjoy the Changing of the Guard Ceremony!

6. St. Paul's Cathedral, London
Millennium Bridge & St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Another iconic London landmark, the dominating St. Paul's Cathedral, is one of the highest and most impressive buildings of the city. In fact, the cathedral is so big and complex, that no one can say for sure that we know all its secrets. There were several cases when rooms that no one knew existed were found by the employees of the cathedral! This amazing London tourist attraction boasts one of the highest domes in the world. Anyone who wants to have a closer look can climb 259 steps, leading all the way up to the ceiling.

7. National History Museum, London
National History Museum, London

One more great way to spend a day during your London tour is a visit to the National History Museum. If you are one of those people who associate museums with uninspiring expositions and boredom, this is exactly the place to change your mind. Although the museum is famous for its dinosaurs exhibition, you can also see a 25.2 m (82.7 ft) blue whale skeleton, a piece of a real Mars rock, and the Archaeopteryx fossil among other amazing things. To top it all, you are welcome to explore all these wondrous items absolutely free of charge!

8. Globe Theatre, London
Globe Theatre, London

A great place to put on your travel agenda is the legendary Globus Theater, famous for its connection to genius Shakespeare. Although the original building of the theater burned down 14 years after it was built, the one that UK's capital boasts now is a rather close replica. The theater is one of the most amazing sights in London, honoring the traditions of the past. There are still no microphones allowed during the performances and the soundtracks are played live on the instruments of Elizabethan times.

9. Platform 9¾, London
Platform 9¾, London

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then London should definitely be on your bucket list! There are so many incredible places, connected to the HP universe to explore, that one trip won't be enough to cover all the sights of London, featured in the franchise one way or another. But if you are short of time, we recommend visiting the famous Platform 9¾ at King's Cross Station. There you can take a picture with the famous trolley, embedded in the wall, and buy a memorable souvenir or two in the Harry Potter Shop, decorated to look like Ollivanders!

10. Sherlock Holmes Museum, London
Sherlock Holmes Museum, London

The sight of London a fan can't miss is located at Baker Street, 221B. Yes, you got it right, we are talking about the amazing Sherlock Holmes Museum. Visitors of the museum are guided through the exhibition by Mrs. Hudson, the housekeeper of Sherlock Holmes. During the tour, you have a chance to step back in Victorian times, explore the flat of the world-famous detective, and see plenty of items from various adaptations of the famous novel, including the TV show "Sherlock" that took the world by storm almost a decade ago.