Top 10 Moscow Tourist Attractions


The majestic capital of Russia, Moscow is the perfect destination for those seeking to explore the culture, history, and architectural heritage in the country. An extensive Moscow tour is arguably the best way to get acquainted with the one-of-a-kind city, as there is an abundance of sites to visit, such as the Kremlin, the Red Square, the State History Museum, Zaryadye Park, numerous churches and theatres and more! Don't miss the chance to enjoy Moscow sightseeing and explore the bustling hub yourself! Below we offer a list of the best places in Moscow not to miss.

1. Red Square, Moscow
Red Square

One of the most iconic landmarks in entire Russia, Red Square is a great starting point for your Moscow tour! The cobblestone square boasts several must-see monuments, such as the Moscow Kremlin, which has been the center of political power in the country for centuries, as well as the State History Museum, Lenin's Mausoleum, and the picture-perfect St. Basil's Cathedral. In addition to that, providing an abundance of shopping opportunities, the imposing GUM Department Store can also be found on the square.

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2. St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
St. Basil's Cathedral

Located on the vast Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral is undoubtedly among the most picturesque sites in Russia. The UNESCO-listed cathedral boasts several onion-shaped domes, each of them different, making the colorful ensemble resemble something of a fairy-tale indeed. The magnificent piece of architectural heritage dates back to the 16th century when it was built by Tsar Ivan the Terrible to honor Vasily the Blessed. Having a one-of-a-kind fusion of colors and intricate decoration, the site is undoubtedly a crucial stop of any Moscow tour.

3. Moscow Kremlin & Armory, Moscow
Moscow Kremlin & Armory

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Moscow Kremlin is an absolute must-visit during Moscow sightseeing. The imposing fortress goes back as far as the 15th century and consists of several museums, defensive walls and towers, churches, administrative buildings, and the President's Residence. One of the main sites to explore during the Kremlin tour is the Armoury Chamber, containing valuable artifacts, such as ancient State regalia, carriages, armor, collections of silverware and more. It is definitely worth seeing with your own eyes!

4. Zaryadye Park, Moscow
Zaryadye Park

Situated adjacent to the Red Square, Zaryadye Park is the perfect location for your leisurely time in Moscow, Russia. Built on a historic site, the park is a beautiful amalgam of an eventful past and a promising future, featuring several media complexes, a modern tourist information center, recreational spaces, and an underground museum. There are plenty of opportunities to get better acquainted with the country, as well as spend time in the Florarium, concert hall, or even the Ice Cave! Plus, save time for the Zaryadye Bridge, a very popular photo stop.

5. Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow
Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Make sure to visit the highest Orthodox temple in the world while going Moscow sightseeing! Located in the heart of town, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is the seat of the Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and entire Russia, making it the most important Moscow cathedral. Originally commissioned to mark the victory over Napoleon in 1812, the cathedral was demolished in 1931 only to be rebuilt and consecrated again in 2000. The massive structure has gorgeous interiors and (like a matryoshka) even has a smaller church inside of it!

6. Moscow Metro, Moscow
Moscow Metro

Embark on an unforgettable train journey on one of the most picturesque subway systems in the world, the Moscow Metro. Home to a number of palace-like stops, the intricately decorated metro depicts numerous historical events, figures, and images, as well as detailed carvings and countless statues for commuters to marvel at while waiting for their train. Some of the most marvelous metro stops include the Teatralnaya, Elektrozavodskaya, Komsomolskaya, and Arbatskaya stations.

7. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Tretyakov Gallery

Marvel at the collections of national art while visiting the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Founded in the 19th century, the gallery houses pieces by artists like Viktor Vasnetsov, Mikhail Vrubel, and other talented geniuses, and is arguably one of the best museums of Russian artwork in the entire world. Originally a private collection of Pavel Tretyakov, the gallery was established after the collection was granted as a gift to the city, opening its doors to the locals and visitors likewise.

8. Bolshoi Theater, Moscow
Bolshoi Theater

Don't miss your chance to attend a show at the Bolshoi Theater, one of the main hubs of culture in the city to be added to your Moscow itinerary. The history of the Bolshoi Theater dates back to 1776 when Empress Catherine II granted Prince Pyotr Urusov the permission to hold masquerades and theater performances on the premises for one decade. As can be seen now, the theater continued its activity to this day and provides opportunities to admire Russian performing arts, including opera and ballet.

9. Sparrow Hills, Moscow
Sparrow Hills

Visit the Sparrow Hills for some truly picturesque views over Moscow while going on tours of Moscow, Russia sightseeing. Situated on the right bank of the Moskva River, the hill overlooks some of the main landmarks in the city, such as the Moscow City Business Center, St. Andrew's Monastery, the Luzhniki Stadium, and more. Did you know that the observation platform of Sparrow Hills is elevated 80 meters above sea level and is actually one of the highest points in Moscow?

10. Izmailovo Kremlin, Moscow
Izmailovo Kremlin

Pay a visit to one of the most charming sites in Russia, the Izmailovsky Kremlin, during your Moscow travel. Built in 2007, Izmailovsky Kremlin is not the usual fortification one would expect to see, since it was built as a hub of entertainment, depicting the style of the 18th-century Russian architecture. In addition to the fairytale-like exterior, you can also explore numerous museums on the site, as well as the Tsar's Palace and even the highest wooden church in Russia.