Top 10 Munich Tourist Attractions


Scenic Munich is home to some of the most impressive sights, striking buildings, and fascinating landmarks in Germany. It offers so much to explore that it can be hard to decide what attractions should go on your travel agenda in the first place. If you are planning a trip to this fairytale city and wondering what are the best things to do in Munich, then don't worry, we've got you covered. To help you find your way around the scenic Bavarian capital, we've gathered some of the greatest Munich sights you should stop by while exploring the streets of this charming city.

1. Frauenkirche, Munich
Frauenkirche, Munich

The picturesque Frauenkirche is among the first attractions in Munich you should have a look at. There is an interesting legend, connected with the place. They say, when its architect was looking for someone to fund the new Munich cathedral, he had a deal with the devil. In exchange for money, the cathedral was supposed to be a celebration of darkness with no windows. When the church was finished, the devil went to look at his new temple and quickly realized that he was deceived. In fury Lucifer stamped his foot, marking the floor with his footprint for eternity.

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2. Marienplatz Square, Munich
Marienplatz Square, Munich

The picturesque Marienplatz Square is the best place to feel the beating heart of the city. Since the 12th century, this amazing square plays a vital part in the city's life. It started as Munich's main market place, hosting some of the largest tournaments and festivals in the country. Nowadays, it still holds the crown of the main festivity center as well as the title of one of the most popular Munich attractions. Every day visitors can watch the traditional Glockenspiel, featuring figurines bringing to life stories from Munich's history or performing the Schafferltanz.

3. Neues Rathaus, Munich
New Town Hall, Munich

Exploring the Marienplatz Square, don't forget to inspect one more "must-see" in Munich, the stunning Neues Rathaus, also known as the "New Town Hall", currently housing the city government. Dominating the picturesque Marienplatz, this incredible building is a real head-turner and one of the main symbols of the amazing city. It charms you from the first look with its beautiful stained windows, vaulted roof, and masterfully carved wooden ornaments. The inner courtyard of the New Town Hall is worth having a look too, boasting a stylish labyrinth-patterned floor.

4. Schleissheim, Munich
Schleissheim, Munich

Without any doubt, the most famous example of royal architecture in Bavaria is the Neuschwanstein, looking like something straight from a Disney movie. But it's far from being the only incredible mansion. If you are a fan of beautiful palaces and historical gossips, then don't forget to add the picturesque Schleissheim Palace to your "Munich must-sees" list. Looking lovely from the outside, it will steal your heart the moment you step through the front doors. And the golden-painted ceilings and marble floors won't give you a chance to put away the camera.

5. Angel of Peace, Munich
Angel of Peace, Munich

Deciding what to see in Munich next is always difficult, considering the wide range of sights to choose from. But the Friedensengel, more widely known as the "Angel of Peace", is definitely not a landmark you want to miss. There are a lot of amazing monuments to be found in Munich, but very few are as striking and inspiring awe as the one, marking 25 years of peace after the horrors of the Franco-Prussian War. Plus, if you happen to visit charming Munich on December 31, you can't find a better place to enjoy a traditional New Years firework show.

6. Justizpalast, Munich
Court Of Justice, Munich

Boasting a very beautiful facade, the Justizpalast is among the most popular sights in Munich. What makes is so favored among the tourists is not only its stylish look but also the fact that you can explore this beautiful example of the Neo-Baroque architecture absolutely free of charge. The majestic Palace of Justice is actually not one, but two courthouses. The original building was built somewhere around 1894 but found not big enough for the law courts, so the Neue Justizpalast was built next to it, designed in Neo-Gothic style, contrasting to the original building.

7. Odeonsplatz Square, Munich
Odeonsplatz Square, Munich

Another great answer to the "what to do in Munich" question is exploring the Odeonsplatz Square, a little corner of Italy right in the heart of Munich. The story behind the square is that King Ludwig I has fallen in love with Italy during his studies in Rome. Upon his return, he requested to design an Italian boulevard, Ludwigstrasse, forming a square with Odeonsplatz in its center. Admiring the views, don't forget to take a picture with the lion, the symbol of Bavaria, guarding the entrance of the Feldherrnhalle, designed after Florence's Loggia dei Lanzi.

8. Siegestor, Munich
Siegestor, Munich

King Ludwig I is responsible for another "must-see" in Munich, the magnificent Siegestor. The name of the monument translates as the Victory Gate and it was built to commemorate the German victory over Napoleon's army. In his best traditions, the king commissioned to base the design on the Roman Arch of Constantine. A bronze statue of Lady Bavaria, riding a chariot pulled by four lions, crowns this Munich landmark. After World War II, the inscription "Dedicated to victory, destroyed by war, urging peace" was added to the south side of the Siegestor.

9. Botanical Garden, Munich
Botanical Garden, Munich

If all the picturesque squares, impressive palaces, and significant monuments are starting to merge, visiting the Botanical Garden is a great way to diversify your Munich sightseeing. Featuring over 14000 species of plants, this oasis of colors is filled with captivating scents, the sounds of birds singing, insects buzzing, and the frogs talking to each other. Exploring the garden is an especially good idea in winter. There is no better way to shake off the winter blues than visiting this tropical paradise and seeing a butterfly, landing on your finger.

10. Hofgarten, Munich
Hofgarten, Munich

Scenic Hofgarten is also among the great sights to see in Munich for nature-lovers. Similar to Central Park in New York, the Hofgarten Park is an island of green in the middle of the busy city. At first, it was the place of the Royal Residence's gardens and only kings and queens were allowed to enjoy a walk there. Nowadays, everyone is welcome to admire the beautiful nature. In the center of the park, you can find a temple of the goddess Diana, featuring four shell fountains. There is a figure of Bavaria atop the temple, representing the riches of the region.