Top 10 Stockholm Tourist Attractions


A true Nordic gem, wonderful Stockholm is a unique blend of exceptional historic legacy and vibrant cultural life, high fashion, and modern design which captivate once and for all. The capital of Sweden has so many things to offer that your Stockholm visit has no chance not to be saturated. And, to make it so, we've put together a list of top Stockholm things to do and see so that you won't miss any highlights during your Scandinavia getaway. Read and enjoy!

1. Gamla Stan (Old Town), Stockholm
Gamla Stan (Old Town), Stockholm

The famous Gamla Stan is one of the most well-preserved old towns in Europe. The district is lined with charming cobbled streets and colorful houses, and swarms with best Stockholm restaurants, sparkling souvenir shops, and various museums. Walking around Gamla Stan, you'll cover a good deal of Stockholm attractions including the Royal Palace, St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Nobel Museum, the oldest square in Stockholm "Stortorget" as well as the city's narrowest street, Marten Trotzigs Grand.

2. Royal Palace, Stockholm
Royal Palace, Stockholm

In case you are eager to witness the official residence of the Swedish monarchs, you should definitely head to the Stockholm Royal Palace. Being the oldest among the European royal palaces still in function, this gem is usually one of the core landmarks of any Stockholm city tour. The main cultural value of the residence is concentrated in its museums: there are more than 600 halls! The rooms preserve the crown jewels, beautiful antique outfits, weapons, important historic documents, and even fancy carriages.

3. Vasa Museum, Stockholm
Vasa Museum, Stockholm

Speaking about some unique sights you'll find nowhere else in the world, you can enhance your Stockholm sightseeing with a visit to the maritime Vasa Museum. The warship Vasa sank in the city's harbor in 1628 during its first sail, lying on the bottom for more than 3 centuries thereafter. Being pulled up from the sea, nowadays Vasa is considered the best-preserved ship of the 17th century existing on the planet! Apart from the ship in full size, the museum houses thematic exhibitions, a souvenir shop, and a restaurant.

4. Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm
Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm

Often associated with the French Versailles, the Drottningholm Palace is a wonderful residence of Swedish kings set on the shores of Lake Malaren. Built in the 17th century, the stunning complex has perfectly preserved the identity of its epoch. Boasting luxurious interiors, a fabulous Chinese pavilion, a gorgeous park with numerous sculptures and fountains, and even its own theater, Drottningholm Palace has been put on the UNESCO List. The residence is open daily from May to September and on weekends from October to April.

5. St. Nicholas Cathedral, Stockholm
Stockholm Cathedral, Stockholm

When visiting Gamla Stan, don't forget to stop by the Stockholm Cathedral (Sankt Nikolai kyrka). The medieval Stockholm Cathedral, built in 1279, is the oldest church in Gamla Stan as well as one of the oldest buildings in the entire city of Stockholm. Since 1527 it has served as the seat of the Lutheran Bishop. The citizens often call the Cathedral "Storkyrkan" which translates as "the Great Church". Despite the comparatively modest exterior, the inside decoration of the Stockholm Cathedral really stuns one's imagination.

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6. City Hall, Stockholm
City Hall, Stockholm

A prominent part of any Stockholm city tour is a visit to the City Hall (called "Stadhus"). Being one of the most recognizable buildings in the Swedish capital, the inside decoration of the City Hall includes marble staircases, colonnades, and arches. The landmark is famous for being the main banquet hall for the prestigious Noble Prize ceremonies! And the City Hall is open to the public which means you can join a group tour to explore this Stockholm attraction.

7. Nordic Museum, Stockholm
Nordic museum, Stockholm

You will find no better place to get a deeper insight into the local history and Nordic lifestyle than visiting the Nordic Museum. Being the largest museum of cultural history in Sweden, the place is a true treasure trove of amazing exhibitions. The huge Renaissance building houses an impressive collection (the number of exhibits exceeds 1.5 million pieces) of furniture, interior items, utensils, clothes, and jewels starting from the early 1600s. After the saturated historic immersion, you can also enjoy fresh pastry in the museum's own bakery.

8. Skansen Museum, Stockholm
Skansen Museum, Stockholm

Can't get enough of the indigenous Swedish traditions and culture? Welcome to the oldest open-air museum in the world, unique Skansen. The main reason why travelers put Scansen on their Stockholm itinerary is the chance to take a closer look at different periods of Swedish history. Containing traditional houses and farmsteads of various styles from all around Sweden, the place will make you lose track of time. Plus, Skansen is a playground for diverse events, like Christmas markets in winter or singing and dancing performances in summer.

9. Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm
Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm

Being the main venue for Swedish opera and ballet since the 18th century, the Royal Swedish Opera (or Kungliga Operan) is a must-visit in Stockholm for every art enthusiast. There are two options for how to explore this unique Swedish gem: you may opt for being a member of the audience and enjoy one of the wonderful performances or choose to discover the most secret corners of the venue as part of a guided tour, having a look at the backstage and visiting the royal rooms. The experience is magical any way!

10. Stockholm Subway, Stockholm
Stockholm Subway, Stockholm

In case you plan to move around Stockholm by public transport, you should definitely opt for the metro! Being one of the calling cards of the city, the Stockholm subway is the longest art gallery in the world as the majority of stations are real masterpieces. You will be pleasantly surprised when you find yourself in the middle of fabulous scenery with huge painted caves, Roman sculptures, fountains, and funny installations that will turn your underground travel into a journey of modern art!