Top 9 Zurich Tourist Attractions


Planning a holiday to glorious Switzerland, most travelers picture themselves taking a selfie with the statue of Freddie Mercury in Montreux, getting closer to understanding the universe during the CERN guided tour in Geneva or admiring the famous 15th-century astronomical clock in Bern. When it comes to visiting the largest city in Switzerland, tourists often aren't exactly sure what to do in Zurich while this amazing city is truly one of the Swiss gems which cannot be missed! Full of life and colors, Zurich offers to explore dozens of fascinating sights, beautiful buildings, and amazing landmarks. To help you plan your getaway to this wonderful Swiss city, we put together a list of top Zurich attractions that will leave you in love with the glorious city.

1. Grossmunster Church, Zurich
Grossmunster Church, Zurich

A great place to start your Zurich sightseeing is the Grossmunster Church. According to the legend, its history started with two brothers, Felix and Regula. Back in 286 AD, they were sentenced to death after they accepted Christianity. Hoping to escape, they ran to Zurich, where Felix and Regula were caught and beheaded. But it's not the end of their story. The legend says that brothers stood up, picked up their heads, and walked to the top of the nearest hill to pray one last time before dropping dead. And this is the place where Grossmunster was built.

2. St. Peter Church, Zurich
St. Peter Church, Zurich

Another Zurich "must-see" church is charming St. Peter. There are a lot of reasons why this temple is a significant city landmark. For starters, it's the oldest parish church in Zurich and you can still see the original 9th-century walls beneath the chancel. The first mayor of the city was buried inside and you are welcome to pay your respects, exploring St Peter. An outstanding Swiss writer, J.C. Lavater, was a pastor there in 1778 - 1801 too! And, to top it all, this amazing sight boasts the largest church clock in Europe, measuring 8.7 m (25.5 ft) in diameter.

3. Fraumunster Church, Zurich
Fraumunster Church, Zurich

Built in the 9th century, the stylish Fraumunster Church closes the list of the top religious sights to see in Zurich. During the 13th century, the church's convent consisted of some of the best and the brightest female aristocrats in Europe. They took advantage of the king's patronage as well as the right to hold markets and mint coins. Nowadays, people from all around the globe come to Zurich to admire the exquisite stained windows, created by famous Belarussian artist Marc Chagall at the remarkable age of 80!

4. Rathaus Brucke, Zurich
Rathausbrucke, Zurich

Choosing what to see in Zurich after you've stopped by all the magnificent churches, consider visiting the Rathaus Brucke Pedestrian Bridge. More commonly known as the Vegetable Bridge, it is situated at the narrowest point of the Limmat River. Although this medieval tourist attraction stopped hosting the flower and vegetable markets a long time ago, the old name stayed. Nowadays, instead of apples and tomatoes, Rathaus Brucke offers various colorful festivals and street concerts and serves as a popular meeting place in Zurich.

5. Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich
Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich

Strolling along Bahnhofstrasse Street feels like walking along one of the shopping streets in Milan. This world-famous shopping avenue houses hundreds of the most exclusive (and expensive) shops, such as Burberry, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Georgio Armani, and Louis Vuitton. Bahnhofstrasse is one of the closest to heaven spots for any high-fashion-lover and among the most interesting places to visit in Zurich, even if it's only for window shopping. Interestingly, until 1864 the name of this luxurious place was Froschengraben or the "ditch of the frogs".

6. Paradeplatz, Zurich
Paradeplatz, Zurich

While you are there, there is one more Zurich landmark to explore in the area. In the very heart of Bahnhofstrasse Street, you can find another world-famous place, Paradeplatz Square. It became a household name for the Swiss banks and is associated with wealth just as much as Wall Street is in New York! Today this amazing square boasts the headquarters of both UBS and Credit Suisse, but in the 17th century it was a livestock market, affectionately known among the locals as the "Pig Market".

7. Viadukt, Zurich
Viadukt, Zurich

As head-spinning as Bahnhofstrasse is, there is one more shopping place you should explore during your city stay. The Viadukt is a remarkable Zurich sight, combining the past and present. Under the arches of the scenic 19th-century railway viaduct, is nestled a stylish shopping paradise! There you can find more than 30 cozy shops, fashionable studios, and vendors, offering delicious local delicacies. Unlike the Bahnhofstrasse Street, you won't find any luxury brands there. Instead, it's full of small trendy labels and little concept stores.

8. Opera House, Zurich
Opera House, Zurich

It's impossible to talk about the most interesting Zurich tourist attractions without mentioning the world-famous Opera House. Despite its modest size, Zurich's Opera House won the hearts of thousands of people from all around the world. Being the smallest of all great international opera houses, the theater offers an incredibly intimate experience. It doesn't matter where your seats are, with only 1000 people in the room it will seem like such stars as Cecilia Bartoli, Renee Fleming, and Placedo Domingo are performing just for you.

9. University of Zurich, Zurich
University of Zurich, Zurich

Being among the Zurich top attractions, the local university is one of the most remarkable places in the city. For a start, the building boasts beautiful architecture, making it a popular photo spot. Did you know that the University of Zurich is listed among the top 50 universities worldwide? Furthermore, the university has a major historical significance, due to Winston Churchill's Zurich speech that is believed to be a starting point of post-war consolidation of Europe. This event was commemorated by a memorable plaque that you can see during the guided tour.