What to Taste in Switzerland


Being a mountainous crossroads of Italy, France, and Germany, Switzerland presents its own unique blend of the culinary heritage of its neighbors with a lot of local flavor. Try naming a few of the typically Swiss delicacies? We bet you've heard of (or even tried) at least some of them. And as no trip abroad can be considered complete without diving into the gastronomy of the visited destination, on this page, we have put together a list of the top things to taste during your Switzerland travel which you simply must have during your getaway!


What to Eat & Drink in Switzerland

1. Swiss Fondue
Swiss Fondue

Opening the list of the unmissable dishes is the world-famous one that's traditionally cooked in a special fondue pot. It's no surprise that tasting fondue in Switzerland should go to the very top of your "to-do" plans as this local specialty can easily become a great addition to your travel experience! As a rule, the classic fondue recipe requires using special fondue Swiss cheese called Gruyere which is slowly melted with some butter, flour, and a couple of more ingredients. When done, pieces of bread, bacon, baby potatoes, and other foods are dipped in the cheese. Yum!

2. Swiss Raclette
Swiss Raclette

If you're a cheese enthusiast planning to go to Switzerland, good for you! As you might have guessed, it is the primary ingredient of Swiss food. A dish we surely recommend having is called raclette, one of the most popular recipes with Swiss cheese. Special cheese made of Alpine cows milk is heated and served aside vegetables, such as potatoes, pickles or tomatoes, by scraping the side of the cheese wheel that's melting. A mouthwatering delight for your stomach indeed!

3. Tasting Different Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese

A great way to get better acquainted with the local food culture is ordering a platter for degustating various Swiss cheese types. Moreover, you can learn more about the process and how Swiss cheese is made on special guided tours, available as half-day trips or mini-tours in one of the many cheese shops offering tastings. Mentioning specific Swiss cheese brands, consider having some Tilsiter, Schabziger spread cheese, Hoch Ybrig (a piquant cheese with a hard crust), as well as some Emmental (delicious Swiss cheese with holes).

4. Swiss Chocolate
Chocolate of Switzerland

Is Swiss chocolate the best in the world? Many of those who've tried the world-famous Toblerones (the pyramid shape of which was inspired by the gorgeous Matterhorn Mountain) would certainly agree. Chocolate in Switzerland has long played an important role in the local culture. Thus, during your getaway to this part of Europe, we also recommend treating yourself to a bar of such Swiss chocolate brands as Lindt and Frey.

5. Minestrone Soup
Minestrone Soup

The recipe and homeland of this delicious thick soup is under debate till this day: is it Italian or a part of Swiss cuisine? In any case, minestrone plays a major role in Switzerland's food culture. Offered in several different forms, both vegetarian and with meat, this dish mainly contains vegetables, including carrots, beans, tomatoes, and practically any other ones which are at hand. All the vegetables are chopped, slowly cooked, and served with sprinkled dry cheese and a slice of bread.

6. Cervelat Sausages
Swiss Cervelat Sausages

Still wondering what to taste in Switzerland during your getaway? Cervelat sausages have become an inevitable part of the cuisine of Switzerland. Depending on the region of the country you'll be exploring, you'll come across different ways the dish is cooked and served. As such, Switzerland's national sausage is usually made of beef, pork, and bacon, and can be grilled, boiled, smoked or even served raw.

7. Swiss Rosti Potatoes
Swiss Rosti Potatoes

Speaking of other must-taste traditional Switzerland food, make sure to have some rosti. This Swiss potato dish has won over the hearts of locals, guests, and gourmets with its simplicity and exceptional taste. Generally served for breakfast and lunch, the fritter pancake is made of grated potatoes and is most often sided with fried eggs, sausages, and, of course, cheese.

8. Onion Pie
Swiss Onion Pie

Being specifically popular in the north of the country close to the border with Germany, onion pie is something you won't regret tasting. Often called after the region it originated from, Schaffhauser, this food in Switzerland is nutritious, tasty, and reminiscent of a quiche. The main ingredients, apart from the dough for the crust, are onions and (have you already guessed?) cheese!

9. Swiss Wine
Swiss Wine

Ask anyone what drink to serve with cheese - wine! Switzerland's wine production is quite developed, thousands of hectares of land and slopes are used as vineyards, especially in the southern and western parts of the country. The main wine types in focus are dry whites. Those going to Geneva, for instance, might enjoy the Swiss specialty classics such as Chasselas white wine. What is more, if you wish to learn more about local wines, consider paying a visit to the cellars, providing guided tours with tastings.

10. The Rivella Swiss Drink
Rivella Swiss Drink

Covering the topic of traditional non-alcoholic beverages in Switzerland, have a bottle of Rivella. This Swiss soft drink has very interesting ingredients: milk whey is one that often comes as a surprise, yet together they mix into a taste which reminds of candy. The drink comes in several flavors, differentiating by color and taste.