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Why Visit Alhambra Fortress

The massive ancient Alhambra Fortress is one of the most prominent attractions of Granada, set graciously on top of a hill and surrounded by a thick green forest. You might be able to guess what the name "Alhambra" means just by looking at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, but if you can't, let us explain!

The renowned Spanish landmark was constructed using bricks and red clay, so the locals started calling it "the Red One". The outstanding sight consists of several buildings, so make sure to devote a whole day to discover the charms of the Alhambra in all its glory.

As you walk inside, the first thing you notice is how incredibly detailed the interior is. Beautiful column arcades, massive walls, and mighty towers create the ambiance of grandeur.

During your stroll around the Moorish architecture palace, you also get to the Gardens, that were made to be closer to heaven, in accordance with the Quran.

By the way, don't be surprised seeing many tiny rippling streams, fountains, and ponds inside this desert paradise. Water is an essential part of the Gardens, and it flows all around symbolizing the flow of life.

If you wonder how this spectacular building was built and why it reminds of something you could see in Islamic countries, let us quickly recap the history. Alhambra was initially constructed as a small fortress in the 9th century on the remains of a Roman fort and didn't resemble the current Moorish marvel.

Its current design began taking shape in the mid 13th century during Granada's occupation by the Moors. The purpose of this popular attraction back then was to protect the area against Christian attacks.

In fact, the usage of the palace has varied throughout history. During the period when it served as a Royal Court, Christopher Columbus received the Royal endorsement for his famous expedition to discover India inside one of the halls.

Surprisingly, the walls on the inside are fully carved with Arabic verses from the Quran. One of the heavily repeated verses is "Only God is Victorious", written more than 9000 times. Dare to count all?