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Why Visit Piazza Tasso

Feed your fantasies of southern Italy in Sorrento! As a gateway to the divine Amalfi Coast, the lively coastal city of Sorrento is among the most popular destinations in the region.

The utterly charming main square of the city, Piazza Tasso, embodies the unique, authentic southern Italian atmosphere and is one the first places to set out to during a Sorrento tour.

In the center of the large open square, you can see a memorial statue to Antonius of Sorrento, a local Saint who died in 625. Traffic moves through the inner part of the square, but along the sides is a lovely pedestrian area with numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars, beautifully set in most of the pastel-colored marvelous buildings that enclose the large open square.

Piazza Tasso also offers a great view of the Mediterranian Sea between the steep edges of the narrow gorge that carve through Sorrento. Just imagine relaxing in the shadow of palms while observing the bustling life of the square and its unique beauty.

There’s no denying that it’s the perfect setting to enjoy an Italian pizza and since Sorrento is situated very close to Naples (from which the margarita pizza originates) the choice of your meal is obvious. Of course, having a limoncello liqueur, made of the zest of Sorrento lemons, as a "digestivo" is a good idea too.

Surrounding Piazza Tasso is the main shopping street, Via San Cesareo, the historic district, and tiny streets with small boutique shops.

The area is home to a baroque church, medieval architecture, and much more!

Coming to Sorrento, you’ll surely enjoy the landscape: dramatic cliffs and the deep colors of both the ocean and the vegetation reveal the picturesque Bay of Naples, including the infamous Vulcano of Mount Vesuvius, known for the extinction of the Roman city, Pompeii.