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Why Visit the Pope's Palace

Avignon's major attraction, the Palais des Papes, or Pope's Palace, is also one of the largest and most important Gothic buildings in Europe. The reason for this lies beyond its architectural beauty or possession of the representative features of the Gothic style.

Back in the 14th century, this exact building was the seat of the Pope (yes, the head of Western Christianity that currently resides in the Vatican).

Although it was only one century that Avignon was the capital of Christendom, it was enough for the city to obtain the special status in Europe for years to come.

The Palace consists of two joined buildings. The Old Palace was built by Benedict XII, while the more recent piece was created under the papacy of Clement VI, known for his extravagance.

He was the one responsible for the fully translated look of the new palace. Today, both parts together form an architectural masterpiece and one of the world's best examples of Gothic architecture.

Now, apart from enjoying the palace itself, visitors can attend various cultural events and exhibitions organized there.

What is more, there is also a museum within the walls of the Palais. Plus, the Main Courtyard has served as a theater during the Avignon Theatre Festival from 1947.

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