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Why Visit the Real Alcazar

Astonishing Alcazar of Seville is a gorgeous royal palace, built on the site of a former Moorish fortress of the 10th century. The Alcazar we know today was built in the 14th century for a Christian King Peter of Castile after the Christian conquest of Seville as the new king wanted to make the symbols of his religion a part of the decor.

Upon entrance to the building, you will be in awe of the many different interior styles. Despite the renovations of the ancient palace, the extraordinary Alcazar still has some Arabic motives, thus demonstrating the confluence of cultures and the saturation of historic events, taken part around Spain.

The landmark truly deserves global recognition as it is one of the oldest Royal Palaces in Europe that is still in use and was listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With extravagant decorations from all around the world, like elegant crystal chandeliers and mind-blowing paintings, the palace is well fit for a monarch.

But don't get too caught by the interiors and don’t forget to leave some time for a peaceful stroll in the surrounding gardens! Enjoy a relaxing moment on one of the tiled benches, listening to the birds singing, breathing in the delicate scent of flowers and enjoying the gentle sun.

One more interesting fact about the Alcazar is that the sight has been featured in the popular the "Games of Thrones" series. So if you are among the fans, the location is a must-see.

Note: The captivating attraction is one of the most visited in the area, so only a certain amount of visitors are allowed. Therefore we recommend buying tickets online in advance to skip the long lines.