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Why Visit the Red Square

Russia's overwhelming capital Moscow is packed with amazing attractions! The iconic landmark that captures travelers from all over the globe is the Red Square, located in the very heart of the metropolis.

You may think that the name of the Square derives from the red monuments surrounding it, but actually, "red" in old Russian means "beautiful" which you’ll be able to see during your Moscow walking tour.

The Red Square has been the center of numerous significant events throughout history. In ancient times, the Square has been the place of lively trade.

In the 16th century, it was called the Trinity Square, deriving from the name of the Church of St. Trinity, standing on the site of today’s St. Basil's Cathedral. The Square gained its contemporary image only in the 19th century when it was fully paved with cobblestone.

Today the Square continues taking a prominent part in the life of the country, housing the annual Victory Day parade, Christmas markets in winter, various concerts and other important celebrations.

The concentration of interesting sights on the Red Square is so high that you can spend the whole day, discovering the heart of Russia.

One side of the Square is dominated by the gorgeous tower of Kremlin, the former residence of Tsars, and its mighty red walls, having Lenin's Mausoleum at the foot.

Being the resting place of the world-known Soviet Leader Vladimir Lenin, the place attracts hundreds of visitors wishing to see his preserved body.

The opposite side of the Square is occupied by the impressive GUM department store, having extravagant facades and being no less fancy inside. One more popular symbol of the country and architectural masterpiece is the colorful St. Basil's Cathedral, which was built by the order of Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century.

Apart from that marvels, the Red Square houses the beautiful edifice of the Historic Museum, the bronze monument of Minin and Pozharsky and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan.

All in all, no Russia tour will be complete without immersing into the beauty of the Red Square. So don't miss the chance as the experience is worth it!