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Why Visit Se Cathedral

There’s no denying it, the Se Cathedral is indeed among the most famous buildings in Lisbon. The initials of this recognizable landmark are short for “Sedes Episcolas”, meaning “bishop's seat”.

It is the oldest cathedral in the Portuguese capital, and its construction began back in 1147! Plus, it has been classified as a National Monument since 1910.

Throughout the years of its existence, the impressive Roman Catholic cathedral has been partly destroyed several times by earthquakes, explaining its unique combination of different architectural styles.

The oldest part of the Se is in the late Romanesque style while the cloister behind the cathedral is Gothic. The facade is often compared to a fortress which could have previously been used as a defensive means of the city.

But as you step inside the evidently medieval white nave of the cathedral and walk through the tall arches to the altar you’ll begin to notice the precious details the Se keeps inside.

One of the first things to attract your eyes is the Romanesque-style stained glass window right in the center of the facade, called Jesus Disciples. It lights up the nave and can only truly be experienced from the inside where the colors and the details genuinely stand out.

If the Se Cathedral is on your Lisbon itinerary, don’t forget to visit the disused ancient gothic cloisters where you can find recently excavated Roman, Arabic, and medieval remains from the partial excavations of the cloisters. Without a doubt, the Se Cathedral in Lisbon certainly deserves a visit, is it on your travel agenda?

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