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Tour comparison - private tours

Firebird Tours vs Luxury Companies

Luxury tours are costly because luxury travel companies buy tours from the actual tour operators. Unlike them, we organize our tours ourselves working with local suppliers, guides, drivers, rail companies, and hotels. Our private tours include stays at central properties, sightseeing tours with local guides, all topped with professional advice and possible extensions to other destinations. Our private tours are as good as any luxury tours, the only difference is that you do not overpay for the brand names and customization. We can easily and quickly customize your tour according to your traveling, accommodation, and transportation preferences. With us, you will visit the best highlights of your dream destinations, and soon call it a once-in-a-lifetime experience!








Price From $350 per day
You don't overpay for the brand names
From $600 per day
You pay more for the brand names
Initial quote In less than 1 business day At least 3 times longer
Customization Full customization
No extra charge
Full customization
Additional charge
Tour organized Firebird trusted local suppliers Bought from other tour operators
Hotels 4 or 5-star centrally located 5-star centrally located
Transportation Private drivers & transfers
Business or first class
Private drivers & transfers
First class
Airport/station transfers
Guides Local professional guides Local professional guides