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Tour Comparison: Small Group Tours

Firebird Tours vs Bus Tours

Bus tours are one of the worst ways to travel in Europe and here the three simple reasons. First, you spend 40 hours per week on the bus. Second, you are waiting for 40 or 60 other people, everywhere you go. Unless you really like traveling by bus with large groups, you are not going to enjoy this kind of travel experience. Finally, bus tours rush you out from the greatest destinations and take you to a number of obscure places in between. In most of the European countries, busses are not allowed in the downtown areas of the cities. This is how they save money, and this is how you miss out on the great destinations. We are nothing like bus tours. We book the best hotels in the heart of each city and arrange your trip so that you travel with the most comfortable modes of transport. In Europe, these are usually trains or private drivers. Our small group tour is not a bus tour. It is more like a private tour where few people share a guide during a day program.








Price From $250 per day
Culturally enhanced experiences and comfort
From $150 per day
Limited experiences and comfort
Initial quote Personal, in less than 1 business day A template tour, no personalization
Customization Full customization
From hotels to cities to optional tours
No customization
Your itinerary is fixed
Number of travelers Up to 14 or up to 20 From 40 and up to 60
Flexible dates
Tour extension To any European country No extensions
Hotels 4 or 5-star centrally located
You spend evenings close to the main sights
3 or 4-stars located in suburbs
Located far away from the best sights
Airport/station transfers
Transportation Only convenient, scenic transportation
Trains, comfortable cars - no time wasted
Traveling on a bus
40+ hours per week on a bus
Guides Multiple local professional guides One guide for the whole group