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About Alesund

About Alesund

Why Go on a Tour of Alesund

Of all the charming Norway cities, there's one which is considered to be the most beautiful (even in the point of view of Norwegians themselves), it is fairytale Alesund. Being an ordinary wooden town originally, Alesund was almost completely destroyed after the horrible fire of 1904 and rebuilt literally from scratch. The hardworking citizens spared no effort and gave Alesund a completely new life, decorating it with the fancy Art Nouveau style. Gladly, the city's "gingerbread-like" appearance has survived until today adding a particular allure to any Alesund walking tour.

Nestled on seven beautiful islands and framed by picturesque mountains, this port destination is also the gateway to the majestic fjords, Geirangerfjord and Hjorundfjorden, standing among Norway's most outstanding treasures, both listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

In fact, Alesund perfectly reveals the essence of the peaceful Norway lifestyle which doesn't imply noisy and excessively active pastime. On the contrary, the city is just an ideal place for a moment of reflection and inspiration while wandering around Alesund's stylish streets and the promenade along the bay of Brosundet or enjoying the exceptional Alesund panorama from the Fjellstua Viewpoint, set at the height of 160 metres (525 ft) on the Mount Aksla, featuring simply mind-blowing photo opportunities.

Those who are seeking for more ways to enhance their Alesund trip may head to one of the largest aquariums in Europe, "Atlantic Sea-Park", to see lots of cold water species, and take advantage of the range of the all-year-round outdoor activities, from hiking around the picturesque surroundings to conquering snowy slopes on skis or snowboards, and, of course, don't even think of leaving Alesund without trying amazing seafood, including the local specialty "bacalao".

Top 3 Things to Do in Alesund

  • Admire the amazing Art Nouveau architecture of Alesund's streets
  • Visit the Alesund Museum and Altantic Sea Park
  • Take a picturesque fjord cruise
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