Top 7 Venice Tourist Attractions


The awe-inspiring city of canals is a real marvel, and luckily there's a plethora of things to see and do on the many Venetian Islands in Italy. On this page, we bring you our collection of the top attractions in Venice, Italy, to help you plan your time as you travel as well as guide you on the locations and activities not to miss.

1. Rialto Bridge, Venice
Rialto Bridge, Venice

Did you know that there are about 400 bridges connecting the charming islands of the Venetian lagoon? Without a doubt, the most famous one in the city is the Rialto Bridge in Venice. Constructed in the late 1580s, the stone bridge fairly carries the title of one of the best Venice sights. Apart from snapping pictures of the Rialto, travelers often stop by the nearby Rialto Market (Marcato di Rialto) to buy fresh fruit and for a local experience. Plus, speaking of the best things to do in Venice, treat yourself to a traditional gondola ride along the canals past the bridge.

2. St. Mark's Basilica, Venice
St. Mark's Basilica, Venice

One of the most ornate and fascinating religious monuments in entire Italy, the St. Mark's Basilica is among the most amazing places to visit in Venice, for a photo stop at the very least! The first bricks of the beautiful church were laid in the 11th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in town! Speaking about the interiors, the basilica is home to the opulent Pala d'Oro altar with embellished Byzantine decorations. Moreover, don't miss out on the Loggia dei Cavalli balcony of the basilica (with horses statue called "The Quadriga") which provides glorious panoramas.

3. St. Mark's Square & Bell Tower, Venice
St. Mark's Square & Bell Tower, Venice

The remarkable Piazza San Marco is the main must-visit square of Venice, dating back to the 12th century. Although rather small in area, there are many things to enjoy there. The aforementioned St. Mark's Basilica and the Palazzo Ducale (more details below) are among the top highlights, but what's for other Venice landmarks that adorn the piazza, the Campanile Bell Tower is worth stopping by. The red-brick tower is noted for its viewpoint, easily reachable by an elevator, it opens remarkable vistas of San Marco and the city from up top.

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4. Doge's Palace, Venice

One more gem of the St. Mark's Square which deserves a special mention is the Palazzo Ducale, aka the Doges Palace, it's among the prettiest attractions of Venice, Italy. Some parts of the Gothic structure date back to the 14th century, and it has once served as a royal residence and the government's seat. The exteriors of the Palazzo are no less impressive as what's found inside as the chambers house gorgeous paintings and one-of-a-kind lush designs. Additionally, the adjacent Bridge of Sighs which links Dodge's to the New Prison building should be seen as well.

5. Santa Maria della Salute Church, Venice
Santa Maria della Salute Church, Venice

Gracefully set on the banks of the Grand Canal of Venice, the Santa Maria della Salute Basilica is among other notable Venice attractions. The church was erected in 1687 in the name of Saint Mary as the town was severely suffering from the plague at the time and hoped to be saved from the curse. Till this day, it's among the biggest places of worship in town. By the way, the best views of the Salute are either from a boat in the lagoon or from the opposite side of the canal.

6. Burano Island, Venice
Burano Island, Venice

A visit to the multi-colored village of Burano can easily become one of the brightest and most memorable moments of your Venice sightseeing. Burano has become a popular place to visit as the bright colors of its buildings and the boats on the canals make for lovely photo opportunities. Interestingly, the Bell Tower of Burano leans similarly to the one in Pisa, thus, it's a fun stop to make. What is more, Burano is renowned for the needle lace which is handmade there, and you can buy some really unique items such as table cloths or even sunshade umbrellas.

7. Murano Island, Venice
Murano Island, Venice

Best known as being the motherland of the world-famous Murano glass, this Venetian island surely deserves a visit. Glass-making has for centuries been the island's signature "thing", in fact, traditional artesian glass-blowing and production techniques can be seen up close by visitors during tours of the local Glass Factory. From colorful crystal jewelry and unique cutlery to souvenirs and elements of decor, there are many things to bring back home as a reminder of your Italy travel. Just a tip, Murano is often visited as part of a day trip that's coupled with Burano.