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Frankfurt, Germany

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About Frankfurt

About Frankfurt

Why Go on a Tour of Frankfurt

The urban beehive of people awaits you in Frankfurt as it is undoubtedly a must-see destination while in Germany. This rapidly developing metropolis is one of the most important financial centers not only in Germany but in Europe as well.

The tall modern glass buildings, intertwined with authentic churches and squares, create a one-of-a-kind contrast, which is best seen from the banks of the River Main or from one of the numerous bridges crossing it. It goes without saying that it's a great place for some nice pictures!

Another reason why the banks of the river should be on your Frankfurt tour is the Museum Embankment. A total of nine museums are lined up along the southern bank side, including the Giersch Museum, Stadel Art Institute, the Museum of World Cultures, among others.

Most of the landmarks in Frankfurt are situated within a walking distance from one another, making it easy and convenient to explore the city on foot. With that in mind, make sure to stroll along the lovely streets to find that the city center is just a couple of minutes away from the Embankment. The charming medieval Old Town in the heart of the city is definitely worth including on your Frankfurt itinerary as it is home to most of the historical heritage and authentic architecture.

Get to know the history behind St. Paul's Church, admire the half-timbered houses in Romerberg or visit Frankfurt's City Hall serving its purpose since 1405, and then continue to explore the modern side of the area. A great way to do that is going up to the rooftop observation platform of The Main Tower, overlooking the whole city and its surroundings.

For those interested in fashion and shopping, Neue Rothhofstasse is a must during Frankfurt travel. However, if you want to try something specific of the region, make sure to include some taverns along the way. Don't forget to taste Frankfurt's famous Green Sauce or sample some traditional apple-wine while in the region!

Top 3 Things to Do in Frankfurt

  • Stroll Frankfurt's lovely Museum Embankment
  • Taste local Green Sauce and apple wine
  • Catch the best city views from the rooftop observation platform of The Main Tower


This hospitable city and its unique environment is home to some of the most important business centers, at the same time maintaining its authentic heritage and customs. That's what makes it special and surely worth adding to your Germany vacation plans.


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