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About Balestrand

About Balestrand

Why Go on a Tour of Balestrand

In two minds about which picturesque Norway destination to choose? If you can't get enough of the extraterrestrial scenery Norway cities and villages have in store, make your way to fascinating Balestrand!

The tiny village of Balestrand is simply a dream destination for nature enthusiasts and one more perfect location to immerse into the breathtaking beauty of Scandinavian fjords. A new hypnotizing panorama awaits on practically every corner of this one-of-a-kind place.

Boasting an enviable location near the largest and deepest fjord in Norway, Sognefjord, the spot offers unique vistas and endless ways to explore the surrounding landscapes, from picturesque hiking trails to comfortable fjord cruises.

Petite Balestrand gained its popularity in much because of several artists, including Hans Guge, Hans Dahl, and Johannes Flintoe, who found the scenery inspiring and drew the interest of people to this fascinating town. We bet the aesthetic allure of Balestrand won't leave you indifferent either.

To enrich your Balestrand walking tour, you can check out a couple of peculiar edifices such as the 19th-century Kvikne's Hotel (unless you be staying there, of course) and St. Olaf's Church, a lovely Anglican church built as a memorial to an English lady, Margaret Green. Museum-goers are also welcome to explore the Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism as well as Gallery Munken, located in the Sognefjord Aquarium.

Top 3 Things to Do in Balestrand

  • Set sail on a cruise around the gorgeous Sognefiord
  • Explore the hiking trails in Balestrand surroundings
  • Take mind-blowing pictures of the mountains and Sognefjord
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