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About Hnappavellir

About Hnappavellir

Hnappavellir: A Must-Visit on Iceland Holidays

The second-largest national park in Iceland, Hnappavellir (pronounced like nafa-ve-tlear) attracts a lot of people from all over the world. The outdoor activities fans love the area for the biggest collection of rock climbing routes in the country while nature lovers come to take in the jaw-dropping views of the Jokulsarlon and watch birds in the Vatnajokull National Park.

Being home to Iceland's most difficult route, Kamarprobbinn, Hnappavellir is a must-visit place for any avid climber. There are 153 bolted sport lines, 26 established trade lines, and around 150 boulders at the service of anyone who is ready for a challenge. The highest route is about 27 m (90 ft), but if you are not sure you can handle this one just yet, there are plenty of routes no more than 10 m (30 ft) high to choose from.

Among the most popular Hnappavellir attractions is the constantly changing Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Due to the glacier melting, the lake is growing incredibly fast and now it takes up the area of 18 (7 sq.mi), it has been declared the deepest lake in Iceland. It's an amazing place where you can observe the 1000-year-old pieces of the Oraefajokull Glacier floating out to the sea. During wintertime, you can find seals sunbathing on the tops of the icebergs, and the summer offers the opportunity to take a boat and admire the breathtaking landscapes from water.

Apart from marveling at the giant white, blue, and black-streaked icebergs shifting, the area also attracts a lot of TV enthusiasts. The Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon has a unique blue-green color and was used as a filming location for various well-known productions, including the "Batman Begins" and the "Game of Thrones" franchises.

Also, within walking distance from the Jokulsarlon, there is one more sight you don't want to miss during your Hnappavellir tour. It's called "The Diamond Beach" due to the glaciers driven ashore from the Glacier Lagoon. Hundreds of them, varying in shape and size, lying on the sand, and sparkling like diamonds. Quite a fascinating spot for taking a picture, right?

Nominated for the inclusion in the Unesco World Heritage list, the Vatnajokull National Park is, without a doubt, one of Iceland's gems with several unique rock formations, the incredible Svartifoss waterfall, tumbling down 20 m (80 ft) over the cliff, and dozens of volcanos, scattered around the area.

Best Things to Do in the Galcier Lagoon

  • Take one-of-a-kind picture on the Diamond Beach
  • Marvel at the unique beauty of the Nothern Lights (if you are lucky)
  • Spot a seal on the top of an iceberg in the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
It offers absolutely stunning views and photo opportunities, as well as a chance to explore the wildlife of the region, including the reindeer, pink-footed geese, arctic foxes, many species of fish, and a great variety of birds Iceland is famous for.


The jaw-dropping natural phenomenon, known as the Northern Lights, is one of the reasons why travelers plan Hnappavellir travel in winter. Hundreds of people from all around the globe come to the area, hoping to catch this incredible sight, and Hnappavellir is the perfect place to do it!


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