Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

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About Moscow

About Moscow

Why Go on a Tour of Moscow

The vibrant heart of Russia, unsurpassed Moscow, is the metropolis that you definitely can't miss during your upcoming Russia tour.

Being the city of striking contrasts, Moscow ideally combines huge futuristic business centers and modern shopping districts with outstanding historic landmarks, royal gardens, and tiny old courtyards, radiating a truly unique vibe and striking travelers’ imaginations.

More than eight centuries of history have shaped Moscow into the bustling and populous destination that allures visitors from all corners of the planet as this is the city that's worth being explored.

It is for sure that those travelers who have seen the beauty and grandeur of the Russian capital at least once fall in love with this city for the rest of their lives.

No Moscow itinerary can do without the visit to the iconic Red Square with Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral, the symbolic highlights in Russian history. In fact, Moscow has so many cultural marvels that only one or two visits to the city won’t be enough to discover them all.

In any case, such Moscow classics as visiting the Bolshoi Theater, wandering around the Tretyakov Gallery, admiring the most fascinating city views from the Sparrow Hills, riding a river tram along the Moscow River, going down to the fantastic Moscow Subway, and tasting delicious Russia cuisine in some local restaurant are simply musts if you want to feel the whole Russian spirit at its best. So don't hesitate and browse our collection of popular Moscow tours to choose the ideal travel option to your personal taste.

Top 3 Things to Do in Moscow

  • Touch history in the red-walled Kremlin and the Red Square
  • Trace the vital milestones of Russian art at the Tretyakov Gallery
  • Check out the most iconic stations of the Moscow subway
All Attractions in Moscow

All Attractions in Moscow

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