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About Odense

About Odense

Why Go on a Tour of Odense

If you ended up on this page, there is a high chance you are considering a trip to Denmark. Make the most of it by including an Odense tour in your travel itinerary. You have probably already been planning to visit Copenhagen, and Aarhus or Roskilde, so here are a couple of reasons why you should add another city to your list.

The fourth-largest city in Denmark is often referred to as an overgrown village and is located on Funen Island. The same island where you can visit the Egeskov Castle (commonly searched for as Odense Castle as it's only half an hour drive away), it is one of Europe's best-preserved Rennaisance water castles.

However, when it comes to the growing city of Odense, it has managed to keep its old village charm and remains among the most favorite destinations of Danes and visitors from around the globe.

Just a tip, once you are there, you might want to swap your Odense walking tour to a cycling one instead, as it's the quickest way to feel the authentic vibe of the beautiful city.

Besides a bicycle, another symbol here is Hans Christian Andersen, the renowned fairytale author who was born and lived in Odense in the 19th-century. He is best known for his pieces like 'The Ugly Duckling,' The Princess and the Pea', 'The Tinderbox', and others. Therefore, a visit to H.C. Andersen's house is a must! The beautiful Odense Cathedral deserves stopping by as well.

The charming city of Odense in Denmark is something you need to witness for yourself, thus browse our Odense tours below and choose the best program for you.

Top 3 Things to Do in Odense

  • Explore the historic and cultural heritage of Odense
  • Stop by the home of the author Hans Christian Andersen
  • Taste the traditional Danish Stegt flæsk pork in Odense
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