Punkaharju, Finland

Punkaharju, Finland

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About Punkaharju

About Punkaharju

Why Go on a Tour of Punkaharju

A great location every traveler should include in their travel plans is Punkaharju in Finland. Have you never heard of this name before?

Well, unlike the favorite Finnish cities such as Turku, Tampere, and Helsinki, which charm travelers with their size, history, numerous artistic landmarks, and industrial traditions, the Punkaharju region can take everyone's breath away with only one aspect - nature.

Almost one-third of the Punkarju area is water, and a national reserve protects the ridge surrounded by the lakes, which is also claimed as a national landscape. Once you are there, we highly recommend not to limit yourself with just astounding nature views and do some sightseeing around the area.

A Punkaharju tour should always involve a visit to the Johanna Oras Art Gallery, where one can witness famous the Finnish artist's collection of artwork. Visitors have said to be most impressed with the depth of the paintings, Johanna's skill with a paintbrush, and her brilliant imagination.

Another landmark worth spending time at is the Lusto - Finnish Forest Museum. The engaging museum and science center is one of the most visited attractions in the area.

Lusto is an excellent resource for a diverse and illustrative insight into the life of the locals and the history of forestry. Discover the stunning lake region and learn about the history of Finland with us. Browse our popular programs that include time in Punkaharju below.

Top 3 Things to Do in Punkaharju

  • Spend relaxing time on the shore of Lake Saimaa
  • Practise Nordic walking in the stunning Punkarju region
  • Sip lakka while relaxing by Finland's untouched nature
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