Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

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About Venice

About Venice

Why Go on a Tour of Venice

One of the most charming cities in the world, fairytale Venice, is a true paradise of romance and a dream destination for many travelers.

This fabulous city on water is comfortably set on more than a hundred islands, pervaded by beautiful canals and connected by a myriad of beautiful bridges, which makes Venice one of a kind place in the whole world.

It's no surprise that Venice mesmerizes from the very first sight. So it's enough just to have a romantic gondola ride along stunning Venetian canals, stroll along the narrow streets where Casanova once walked, and see the majestic palaces, forming a bizarre and mysterious labyrinth of elegant Gothic coexisting with the luxury of Baroque to fall in love with this Italian city forever.

Of course, there's no need to say that a Venice tour is a must for any Italy itinerary as this experience is a classic. So what are the sights you can't miss while in the capital of the Veneto region?

For starters, discover the outstanding Piazza San Marco, dominated by the iconic St. Mark's Basilica with gilded domes, continue to the ornate Gothic Doge's Palace, home to gorgeous exhibitions of duke’s heritage, and set off on a gondola ride to see the 16th-century stone Rialto Bridge.

Moreover, being the city of film and theater festivals and international art exhibitions, Venice is also the motherland of the world-renowned Venetian Carnival, the whirlpool of colors, fancy masks and costumes.

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Top 3 Things to Do in Venice

  • Enjoy the Venetian canals as you ride a traditional gondola
  • Traverse St. Mark's Square and the adorned St. Mark's Basilica
  • Take a photo by the Rialto Bridge & visit Mercati di Rialto
All Attractions in Venice

All Attractions in Venice

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