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European Travel Companies Comparison

Visas to Europe

Going on a trip overseas, you definitely want everything to be worry-free. And thus, to save your time and effort it makes sense to leave the travel planning to the experts instead of doing it by yourself.

But when browsing for itinerary options, you come across a plethora of offers which are either a real strain to your budget, flattening your wallet, or are of very poor value for the paid money. So how do you choose the golden balance?

We've put together this piece to help you select the travel offer to Europe with the best price per quality ratio as well as to give you a better understanding of which points to keep in mind when choosing a travel operator.


Criteria for choosing your Europe travel company


First and foremostly, you need to be certain that the company you're planning to deal with is trustworthy. Are these people experts in the field? Do they know what they're doing?

For instance, destination specialists at Tours to Europe are certified professionals who actually call you and keep in touch throughout the entire process of building your itinerary, are happy to share years of their European travel expertise and give hands-on recommendations. Plus, we always check the options making up the trip, such as hotels, guides, drivers, etc, before offering them to customers (if you're interested in the matter, feel free to read more: Why Choose Us).



Secondly, you need to clearly understand whether the deal you are being offered is a good one. Pay attention to the details. For example, if you're aiming to join a group tour to Europe, check whether it’s a bus tour. In case the group size is somewhere around 40 people, yes, it's a good old coach tour.

Why is that a bad thing you ask? Well, for starters, if you're seeking a nice memorable vacation to Europe, it equals to several things that'll you'll probably want to avoid.
One, you'll spend half of your time abroad on the bus or waiting for the rest of the group to gather. Two, you'll stay somewhere far from the city center and the major attractions as buses are often not able to access the historic city centers. Three, you won’t have that much time to explore on your own and visit places you want as you'll be tied to the group schedule. Bottom line, this is not the best way to explore Europe, trust us.

We believe that you're worth traveling better, and that's why we offer well-planned small group tours to Europe.



On the occasion that you're striving for a more exclusive experience and are seeking a private tour to Europe that will be put together for you individually, ask yourself a question: is the price reasonable and fair? For the most part, private tours are regarded as the luxury segment in the travel world. So, the scenario of overpaying twice or thrice the actual price for a custom tour is very probable. And, thus, the question really goes down to are you willing to waste your money that much?


Tour Comparison Chart

Of course, everything is clearer and easier to visualise when shown on real examples. Just out of curiosity, we've decided to compare and contrast our hallmark small group Scandinavia itinerary with the analogous ones available on the market, and are more than happy to share our findings with you in the chart below. The conclusions you make are up to you!

Price per person / per day $312 $371 $335
Tour duration 12 14 14
Group size Up to 14 people 24-28 people Up to 49 people
Transport Time-saving and varied: ferries, trains, boats, flights Buses are used for most legs of the trip Buses are used for most legs of the trip
Arrival & departure transfers Included Not included Not included
Local guides Included for all tours Included for only 2 or 3 city tours Included for only 2 or 3 city tours
Hotels 4-star city-center properties with good locations Good 4 or 3-star hotels Average 4-star and 3-star hotels
Guaranteed departures Yes No No